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As part of OnGame, one of the larger and growing networks out there, bwin Poker has resigned its poker client.  The new client makes finding a table easier, information more conveniently located, and brings new variety to the games.

Here are the new features at bwin Poker:

Sit down from the lobby
The direct seating functionality allows you to browse the tables of your choice, selecting your seat from the convenience of the preview in the lobby. You no longer have to individually open each table to check the availability of seats or table information.

Resizable tables
Now you can size your poker tables to suit you, conveniently placing them in and around your desktop. Plus, you can enjoy an enhanced Multi-Tabling experience with our resizable tables.

Tournament lobby information
The tournament lobby offers superb up-to-the-minute tournament information, including ranking lists, prize structures, add-on and re-buy information, blind level information plus an incredible real-time table preview. bwin’s poker lobby gives you the opportunity to gather tournament data at a glance, without ever having to open additional browser windows to find much needed information.

Enhanced content panel
The content panel attached to each table contains three customizable fields. The upper section provides useful promotional information. The middle section is devoted to game information, and includes an actual artistic representation of action from the board. The bottom section is a chat field, where you can chat and converse with your opponents.

Sit & Go queues
Queues are used when you want to register to a not yet started Sit & Go. As soon as enough people are signed up to the queue the tournament begins.

Example: You want to play a 5-seat NL $20 Sit & Go. So you find “Texas $20 5-player” with status “0/5 players” in the list of queues and click register. The queue’s status now goes to “1/5 players”. When four more players have registered to the queue, a table is created and you start playing in the Sit & Go.

At the same time the queue status returns to “0/5 players”.

Downloadable Mac client
bwin Poker has a Downloadable Client compatible with Macs running Mac OS X 10.4 or later. This Mac version is a full rich client version with no reduction of features in comparison to the Windows version.

Lobby filters
You can organize an overview of all offered games, setting your own filter to ensure that you can quickly and easily view the tables you are most interested in. These settings can be altered and applied at anytime.

Ante tournaments

When antes come into play, this means that every player at the table has to contribute a certain amount of money to the pot, whether they choose to play the hand or not. This means that before the hand even has started, there will already be a decent sized pot. The introduction of antes causes more exciting pre-flop play as it becomes much more interesting to steal the blinds as these now include the antes. Usually antes are introduced into the later stages of big tournaments.

Example: The blinds are 2000/4000 and the antes are 400. In a tournament with ten seats this means the pot will be 10000 (10*400 + 2000 + 4000) before any one has even acted.

So, if you haven’t been to bwin in awhile, or never have been, now is a great time to check out what they now have to offer!  Just sign up at and you can also receive a $500 new player bonus!