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It was just a few months ago, in November, that Dream Team Gaming introduced their patent-pending tournament structure during an invitation-only event.  That event featured some very well-known poker players and celebrities, including Jaime Gold, Erica Schoenberg, and actor Mekhi Phifer.  The tournament was so successful that Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has now decided to host an event.

The event at Caesars will be the first public Dream Team event.  The tournament is set to take place from March 27th to 29th and will be hosted in the World Series of Poker tournament room at Caesars.  The buy-in will be $500 + $50 per player, with three players per team.  Dream Team Poker is expecting 100 teams for a total of 300 players and a prize pool of $150,000.

The unique tournament structure features a team-based approach to poker.  Each of three players on a team score points based on where they get knocked out of the tournament.  The lowest team score wins and gets a piece of the prize pool in addition to normal individual prizes.  There are also some very unusual team rules such as the ability to call time-out to discuss a hand with a teammate before making a move.  This structure creates a unique dynamic where players have a lot to stick around for, even upon their elimination.

For more information on the tournament, or to register, check the Dream Team Poker website.  They are providing each team with custom jerseys to wear, as well as invitations to the welcome party and the winner’s celebration.  Special room rates are also available for teams registering for the tournament.