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A Canadian University has recently released a study indicating that poker may reduce stress. This may come as a surprise to many people since poker, as many top professionals will tell you, is a rather stressful game.

Cortisol is commonly called “the stress hormone.” Canadian scientists monitored the cortisol levels of online poker players as they played poker. They discovered that the human body produced less cortisol as the player became increasingly engaged in the game. In fact, the cortisol levels were found to drop by up to 17% from the start of the game to the end.

The Canadian scientists believe that cortisol may have been reduced due to the focus given to the game. Poker, being the complex game that it is, requires full attention from any thinking players. As a player becomes increasingly focused on the game, they forget about their daily responsibilities. This affects the brain and the brain will release less cortisol.

Scientists have previously shown that online gambling also improves the cognitive function of the brain. With so much to learn and think about in poker, it can be seen as training or exercise for the brain. In summary, poker is a stress reducer and helps exercise the brain. This definitely improves the mental health of players in the long run.