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I guess no one gets bad beats at Carbon Poker.  It’s been a month since we reported that Carbon Poker’s brand new Bad Beat Jackpot had hit $775,000.  Still yet to be hit, it is the largest Bad Beat Jackpot on the net and closing in on being the largest Bad Beat Jackpot ever.

At this time it stands at just over $978,000 and is climbing steadily.  If it goes unhit, it will likely surpass $1,000,000 in a matter of days.   Ironically, Carbon’s jackpot is also technically the “easiest” online BBJ to hit as well.  You only need quad 7’s or better and to lose the hand to win your share of the pot.  At $1 million, the big winner (the loser of the hand) would see a $350,000 spike to the bankroll.  Not a bad tradeoff for taking a tough loss.

With more people signing up all the time, looking to get their share of the jackpot, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets the magic hand.  So be sure to check out Carbon Poker for your chance at the million dollar Bad Beat Jackpot!