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In one of the most positive signs of positive momentum since Black Friday, Gary Loveman has published strong, unequivocal support for the legalization of American online poker. Loveman is the CEO of Caesars Entertainment Corporation, operating over 50 casinos, hotels, and golf courses, with 2010 annual revenues of $8.9 billion. His public support of American online poker adds a much-needed heavyweight to the battle.

Loveman, like many of the industry spectators, is suggesting that the FBI’s seizure of the American operations of Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker, is just the catalyst the industry needed to legalize the game. Loveman said, “It’s not often that opportunity arrives in the form of a federal indictment. But that’s exactly what’s happened in the world of online poker.”

Loveman’s statements centered around the core question every poker player and industry advocate must ask themselves: “The question is this, Should we seize the moment to legalize online poker, permit a safe and legitimate industry in the U.S., and bring those jobs and revenues home? Unequivocally, the answer is yes.”

Like most, Loveman believes that the question is not if the US will legalize poker, but when. The benefit to Caesars Entertainment could be massive, the corporation being viewed by many as the best positioned to capitalize off of legalized online poker.

Loveman’;s argument is simple, sensible, and with his credibility, hopefully one that American legislators will listen to. He said, “The goals of legislation are simple: let Americans play online poker in the privacy of their homes and create jobs and revenues here in America. Only Federal legislation can accomplish that, by creating a well-regulated system of online poker. And only Federal legislation can clear up the current ambiguities in U.S. law and crack down on other online gambling like sports betting and casino games.”