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Event #8 of the FTOPS XI was $240+16 NL Hold’em Knockout 6-max, guaranteeing $600,000. A massive 4,411 players registered, creating a huge prize pool of $882,200 with first place a cool $168,527.84.

The chip counts at the start of the final table were the following:

Chancew – 4,547,803
Phil “USCphildo” Collins – 4,297,144
Michael “Michael1123” Cribb – 4,216,059
RSGII – 3,616,850
TPEHEP – 3,261,384
Alfa Alex – 2,115,760

Exiting the final table in 6th was TPEHEP at the 40,000/80,000 level. Phil “USCphildo” Collins raised to 220,000 from the cutoff and TPEHEP called from the big blind. The flop came 5sKhKd and TPEHEP check-called Collins’ bet of 80,000. The turn came 9s and TPEHEP check-raised Collins from 160,000 to 480,000. Collins called and the 7c fell on the river. TPEHEP led out 560,000 and Collins shoved. After a few seconds though TPEHEP called all in for 686,884. He mucked when Collins tabled a winning AhKc. TPEHEP collected $26,466 for sixth place.

Alfa Alex was the next to exit, at the 50,000/100,000 blind level. Chancew shoved from the small blind and Alfa Alex called all in from the big blind for 891,260 with Ad9h. Chancew flipped KdTd and theboard came 7h8c5c9cKc and Alfa Alex claimed fifth for $38,816.80.

Michael “Michael1123” Cribb busted late in the same level. He raised 300,000 in the small blind and RSGII called out of the big blind. The flop came 9s9dQc and Cribb led out 300,000. RSGII called and the 5d came on the turn. Cribb checked and RSGII bet 600,000, but Cribb snap-shoved for 1,499,559. RSGII insta-jammed the call button with 9To for trips, leaving Cribb drawing slim with 88. The river was the 4h and Michael “Michael1123” Cribb was out in fourth place for $52,932.

Phil “USCphildo” Collins was sent to the rail too at the 60,000/120,000 blind level. RSGII opened to 360,000 on the button and Collins 3bet to 1,200,000, which RSGII called. The flop came 4d7sJc  and Collins led out 835,000. RSGII min-raised to 1,670,000 and Collins shoved for 6,962,528. RSGII tanked over the decision for a few moments before calling with KcJh. It was a good decision as Collins was bluffing with KhAd. The turn and river came both bricked sending Collins on his bike for $71,634.34 and third place.

When HU started these were the following chip counts:

RSGII – 17,417,437
Chancew – 4,637,563

Chancew battled back and won a key hand to seize control of the match at  the 80,000/160,000 blind level. On the button, RSGII raised to 800,000 and Chancew 3b to 2,500,000. RSGII called and the flop came Ks9dJs. Chancew fired 2,888,000 and RSGII raised all in. Chancew called all in with AA and RSGII’s was drawing thin with KdTh. The turn and river bricked and Chancew took a commanding 10:1 chip lead. He didn’t look back from there and took it down shortly after. RSGII finished as the runner-up for $103,217.40. Chancew claimed top prize for Event #8, $168,517.84!

Final Results:

1. Chancew – $168,517.84
2. RSGII – $103,217.40
3. Phil “USCphildo” Collins – $71,634.34
4. Michael “Michael1123” Cribb – $52,932
5. Alfa Alex – $38,816.80
6. TPEHEP – $26,466