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The FTOPS XV keeps going with a 6-handed No Limit Hold ‘Em Shootout Event. Event #13 of this season’s FTOPS cost $300 to buy into with a $300,000 guarantee. It actually missed its guarantee by six people, only drawing 994 players.

At the final table, the average chip stack was 497,000 with the blinds at 2,000/4,000 and an ante of 500. LindaJohnson was the first to be knocked out when she called the_snail03’s 15,100 raise from the small blind. The flop was JcTs2c and the action was checked to the_snail03 who bet 30,900. LindaJohnson check-raised to 81,000, and the_snail03 shoved to put LindaJohnson all-in. LindaJohnson called with KsQd for the straight draw. The_snail03 showed TcTd for a set of tens. Neither the 7s turn nor the Jh river helped LindaJohnson and the_snail03 sent LindaJohnson packing. Soon after, chickface’s AsKh would eliminate Shevmouse’s JdJh to eliminate Shevmouse in fifth place. Chickface would increase his chip stack to 950,000 chips with this elimination.

Later into the final table, fergwrx, a shortstack with 300,000 chips, shoved from under the gun and was called out of the big blind by chickface. Fergwrx’s As5s needed help against the TsTh of chickface. Unfortunately, the 6s6c4hQh7d board did not help fergwrx and he was knocked out in fourth place. Chickface extended his chip lead to 1.4 million chips. He increased it to over two million chips after getting it all-in against the_snail03’s Ad3c with his AsQs. A queen hit the flop and the_snail03 was gone in third place. Chickface held a two to one chip lead going into heads-up play.

Heads-up play only lasted eight hands. Chickface raised preflop and Amoney13 called out of position. The flop was 9s8c6d. Amoney13 checked, chickface bet 66,666, and Amoney13 shoved for his 1.2 million chips. Chickface called with Td9h giving him top-pair. Amoney13 help 8d7c for middle pair and a straight draw. Neither the 2d or Jh helped Amoney13 and chickface won the pot, $46,500, and the gold jersey. Amoney was FTOPS XV Event #13’s runner-up taking home $42,000.