It is a difficult thing about competition, when you feel you are good enough, or when you hear of someone else accomplishing something, you want to compete at their level.

Often this leads to trying something you are not ready to do yet.  When I played darts competitively, I thought I could hang with the big dogs and was quickly beaten down.  Same thing with pool.  With golf on the other hand, I’ve grown slowly to where I compete on a level I can do well at but still have to struggle to be the winner at.  That though, is amateur competition.

Playing poker and making money is a professional competition.  It isn’t about the cards, it isn’t about your cards, it isn’t about bet size… or stack size… it is totally about controlling YOU.

If you can keep yourself in check, be patient, be smart, know what your odds are and then play them correctly, you will win in the long run.  The question is, is the long run for you or are you just here for the quick kill?