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Vicky Coren, a PokerStars pro from England, has stated that she plans to take full advantage of her benefactor’s latest bonus offer. Specifically, the 39 year-old is especially fired up over the VIP Club Mega Month offer, which will allow players to obtain elite statuses in a greatly reduced chunk of time.

“I think,” she recently wrote in her blog, “some people scale down their poker playing in August. The big tournament circuit goes quiet: it’s the gap between the end of the World Series and the start of the EPT… Online, we’re in that waity-waity phase before the WCOOP in September, like the run-up to Christmas Eve.”

Coren goes on to state that, rather than spend her time August outdoors in England (where, she claims, it always rains), she plans to make full use of the easily acquired VPP crop PokerStars has made available to its players. Simply by playing their normal games, users will be working their way toward the company’s drastically lowered VIP requirements. And, perhaps most importantly, these newly earned statuses will carry through the month of September. Players who manage to fight their way up the ladder will be able to enjoy all of the exclusive high-roller tournaments and freerolls during the months leading up to October.

“Fellow gamblers can feel free to show me their holiday snaps when they get back from disappointing, over-priced trips to the seaside. Meanwhile,” she says, “Ha! I’ll have shored up enough VPPs to buy a Ferrari.”