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Promo after promo baby!

First up, RedKings has a $250,000 Double UP Points Race! This is your chance to earn double the amount of prizes! That is right, your wins will compound, like, well, compound interest!

Here is how it works: there are Double Up Days and Double Up Plus Days. During the Double Up days, you will be able to earn DOUBLE the race points by doubling up the player point requirement, meaning 2 Race Points instead of 1.

Earning race points is simple, and it does depend on your level. Luckily, in both cash and tournament poker, the rates are the same so everything is kept relatively simple. For Level 1 players, 50 Player Points per day will earn them 1 Race Point. For Level 2 players, that goes up to 250. For level 3 players, that goes up to 500. The higher your level the more Player Points you have to earn to get 1 Race Point, but you will see (and understand!) the logic behind this in a second.

First, between February 9th and March 8th, earn 10 – 25 race points and you will win a prize that corresponds with your level.  When you earn extra player points, RedKings will double up your prize! They will even double it up again if you earn even more!

You can surely see where this goes…

You can also participate in both races at the same time, so you don’t have to pick and choose which race to do.  Points earned in cash games will automatically be counted for the cash race and points earned in tournaments will automatically be counted for the tournament race.

The prizes you can win, and the amount of points required, is nicely illustrated in the following pretty graphic:

(As shown on the RedKings website.)

Next up, RedKings is also running the SNG Decathlon! I hope you got that Olympic Training down pat, because the SNG Decathlon is almost here! In this event, which runs for 7 days, you will have to demonstrate that you can make the most out of ten tries at 10-man SNGs that you will get.

There will be about $50,000 in prizes that will be handed out to the top 200 players on the RedKings SNG Leaderboard. Crush the field to finish in first place, and you will take home a seat in the Irish Open 2010, a live event package that is worth about $8,000!

Here is how it works: there will be 10 different Sit-N-Go’s set up in the lobby, clearly associated with this promo. Each one of them will have a measly $0.85 + $0.15 buy-in. You can play in these Sit-N-Go’s as many times as you want, however only the FIRST time you play each Sit-N-Go format will count towards the leaderboard, the subsequent ones do not. Leaderboard points will depend on your finishing position in each different Sit & Go format, and there will be 10 different Sit-N-Go formats available. Oh, and this is quite obvious but we need to mention it anyway: the prize pool will be paid out according to regular Sit-N-Go prize distribution.

Please note that while you may play in as many as you want, only the first one of each format will count towards the leaderboard! In theory, the top of the leaderboard can have thus 10 * 100 = 1,000 points max. Plan accordingly when you want to play for the leaderboard!

The points will get awarded in the following way:

The prizes will be awarded as follows:

Dominate in 10 SNGs while you can train in countless more, collect the points, and win your way to the 2010 Irish Open!

And lastly, RedKings is also hosting a $15,000 Added Tournament this Wednesday! RedKings is running a $15,000 added cash tournament on 10 February 2010 at 19:15 CET with a $10+1 buy in and 4,000 available seats. Registration opens at 07:15 CET Friday 5 February and is visible in the poker client as “$15,000 Added Winter”.

That is a very nice potential prize pool of $55,000! Since the seats are limited, be sure to register as soon as registration starts!