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Strange, isn’t it? Our nation’s capital, which has so long opposed the legalization of online poker, may soon have gamers earning their keep right under its nose.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the city council of Washington, D.C. has approved a budget which includes provisions for an online poker site. This service would be operated by the District’s lottery, which has a strong and successful track record.

Said city councilman Michael Brown, “I figured that online poker was already happening here, and we just want to capture some of those revenue dollars. Every little bit helps.”

Because of the strange nature of government in the District of Columbia, Congress would normally be able to shoot down such legislation. However, it seems as though the matter may have slipped through their fingers. The deadline for Congress to voice their objections seems to have already passed, just this last Thursday.

So, it appears as though D.C. may become the first test case for legal intrastate poker. The Poker Players Alliance, like many other major gaming outlets, does not believe that the area houses enough players to create a successful business model. While this may indeed be the case, it certainly will provide a useful testing ground for an idea still in its infancy.

And, of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s right in the laps of our nation’s leaders.