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PokerStars’ WCOOP Event #14 was a mixed hold ‘em event switching from No Limit to Limit Hold ‘Em every ten minutes.  The $320 Mixed Hold ‘Em event saw a 1,563 player field for a prize pool of $468,900.  Many world-class professional poker players were present for the event such as Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, and Vanessa Rousso.

As the final table began, blinds were 10K/20K with a 2.5K ante.  The players were seated as follows:
Seat 1 – viti45 – 1,135,255 chips
Seat 2 – SBRounder – 1,114,320 chips
Seat 3 – drgonzo10978 – 2,028,156 chips
Seat 4 – yadio – 660,853 chips
Seat 5 – dangdokodang – 1,980,453 chips
Seat 6 – DonkCommited – 895,963 chips

A few hands into the final table, a battle of preflop raises ended with SBRounder shoving all-in with his pocket 8’s.  Viti45 made the call with pocket jacks and won the hand on the Tc5dTh7dAc board.  SBRounder was sent to the rail in sixth place and won $11,066.05.

Viti45 was the next player to be knocked out.  Drgonzo10978 and himself were involved in a 5sAc9s flop.  Viti45 lead the flop and drgonzo10978 raised viti45 all-in.  Viti45 would risk his tournament life with AsJd.  Drgonzo10978 showed AhTc for a pair of aces with a worse kicker.  The turn was a 2h but with the Td on the river, drgonzo10978 caught two-pair and knocked viti45 out of the tournament.  Viti45 took $18,756.01 for his fifth-place effort.

Drgonzo10978 became the chip leader going into the final four after the river suckout.  However, that all changed after a big hand turned everything around.  Drgonzo10978 raised to 65K on the button with dangdokodang calling from the small blind.  The flop came out 5c3s5s.  Dangdokodang checked to drgonzo10978 who continuation bet the flop.  Dangdokodang raised and drgonzo10978.  The turn was a 6c which was bet by dangdokodang, raised by drgonzo10978, and then three-bet shoved.  Drgonzo10978 called the shove and flipped over 7c4s for the nut straight.  Unfortunately, that would not be good enough to beat dangdokodang’s 3d3h that made him threes full of fives.  Drgonzo10978 was crippled, but still in the tournament.

Drgonzo10978 soon got involved in a limit hold ‘em hand with yadio.  The betting was capped preflop and the flop came out Kd9sKh.  The betting continued postflop and drgonzo10978 was able to get it all-in with As5d; a pair of kings with ace-kicker.  However, he realized he was drawing dead when he saw yadio’s pocket kings flopped quads.  Drgonzo won $28,134.01 and fourth-place in Event #14.

DonkCommited’s stack had dwindled to 400K throughout the final table and chose to move all-in preflop with AhKs.  Dangdokodang called with Ad4s to try and knock DonkCommited out of the tournament.  The board ended 9d5s4dAsTh with dangdokodang catching two-pair and sending DonkCommited to the rail.  DonkCommited won $42,201.01 and the honors of being third-place in a tough tournament.

As heads-up play began, the stacks were as follows: yadio had 2,727,340 chips and dangdokodang had 5,087,660 chips.  Three hands into heads-up play, both players chose to make a deal with dangdokodang being guaranteed $64,727.38, yadio being guaranteed $60,564.64, and $6,000 being left for the eventual winner.

As play progressed, yadio was able to double-up, but quickly went back down to 200K chips.  Yadio shoved with Js5h but dangdokodang happened to have pocket kings and quickly called.  The board came Ts8dTc7sAs and yadio was eliminated from the tournament.  Dangdokodang won the tournament, the bracelet, and $70,727.38 for being the latest of many WCOOP event champions.