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I’ve seriously lost my game now.

 Haven’t been ITM in a while.  Moved to $5.50 and am getting clobbered.  Apparently I’m more donkish than I thought.

 Here are some of the last few days tourneys… for what they are worth.  Comments and coaching suggestions appreciated here or in private mail or in the forums, feel free to make an example of me.

It’s frustrating to play well then keep getting flushed out on.

and one last one for the day…

I closed FTp before some of them registered, some of my hand histories are incomplete.

I’ve dropped my bankroll by nearly 1/3 in the last 3 days, have totally fallen apart and have no confidence in my game at all.  I thought I was learning, now I think I’ve learned how to be a lamb at the slaughter. 

Anyone with any advice let me know.  I’ve got a $130 bankroll and want to get to $300 at least by the end of May.  Suggestions?