In the world of regular joe’s, $20,000 per hour is a pretty impressive wage. After earning that kind of cash for a full day, most of us may not need to work for a little while. Such was exactly the case for Dihxm, the winner of FTOPS XVI’s 28th Event. After a 9.5 hour stretch at the tables, he emerged victorious. The prize for that playing session? A whopping $191,020.

The $1,000,000 Guaranteed 6-Max, Super Stack tournament kicked into gear yesterday just after 14:00 PM ET. 4,997 players showed up for the $240+$16 event, hosted by Full Tilt personality Marco Liesy.

Play moved quickly once the final table was set, quickly coming to a heads-up battle between Dihxm and number 1PEN. Dihxm had the lead from the outset, sometimes holding as much as a 3:1 chip advantage before number 1PEN fought back to nearly draw even. After 94 hands of back-and-forth fighting, the board came 4sKd6h, with number 1PEN holding KcQc and Dihxm holding 4d9d. The short stack made a small raise with high pair, and the chip leader shoved with a pair of 4’s. number 1PEN immediately called, and looked to be in good shape to double up. But the turn and river were landed with running diamonds (10d8d), giving Dihxm the winning flush.

Here’s how the top six finished:

1: Dihxm ($191,020)

2: number 1PEN ($117,000)

3: jesse6520 ($81,200)

4: cdbr3799 ($60,000)

5: sonisab ($44,000)

6: Ray Lamontagne ($30,000)

Yet again, a Full Tilt Red member finished just outside of the final table. This time, it was Ram Vaswani, who was knocked out of action in 7th place. For his trouble, Vaswani took home $19,300. 492 places were paid overall, with the lowest prize weighing in at $350. This was a knockout tournament, as well, with $40 awarded for each bounty.