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The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) recently posted a notice on their website seeking a third party “Claims Administrator” to help with the Full Tilt Poker remission procedure.

The DOJ estimates that there are many as 1.3 million “potential US victims” who had funds with Full Tilt Poker before they shut down. The estimated total amount of American player funds to be paid out is $159 million, which the DOJ has in their possession.

As previously reported, American players will each need to submit their own remission claim to the DOJ in order to receive compensation. Given the huge amount of claims expected to be processed, it is no wonder that the DOJ is seeking outside assistance in order to complete the now 16 month long ordeal with Full Tilt Poker.

PokerStars, having recently bought out Full Tilt Poker, had initially offered to repay American players. Instead, Pokerstars will only be responsible for non-US player balances while the DOJ deals the American accounts. Jeff Ifrah, an attorney for Full Tilt Poker, says that processing time is a priority and that there should be a 100% reimbursement of all player funds. Ifrah also helped to strike the deal between PokerStars and the DOJ.

To date, there is still no specific information available from the DOJ regarding how or when American players should file a claim for their funds.