In a record setting final table performance, Eugene Katchalov took first place in the Doyle Brunson Classic in only fifty-three hands. In less than four hours Katchalov mowed down well-known online players such as Jordan Rich, known as Octavian_C online, and Ryan Daut, along with professional poker player, David “Devilfish” Ulliot. It was only fitting that with a performance like that; he claimed the largest first place prize in tournament history that didn’t occur in the World Series of Poker Main Event or the World Poker Tour Championship.

The stack sizes going into the final table were:

Eugene Katchalov – 8,360,000

Jordan Rich – 6,585,000

David “Devilfish” Ulliott – 1,900,000

Ted Kearly – 1,620,000

Ken Rosen – 1,135,000

Ryan Daut – 330,000

With the blinds starting at 40k/80k with a 10k ante, Daut didn’t have much time to make a move. On the very first hand of play he found AJ offsuit, which was more than enough to get his chips in. He was called down by Ted Kearly who had pocket eights, and after flopping an eight and turning an eight, he sent home Ryan Daut in sixth place. He collected $192,715 for his efforts.

Only fifteen hands later, the final table saw it’s second exit. Katchalov raised under the gun to 300 k with the blinds at 60k/120k. Jordan Rich reraised to 1 million from the big blind after everyone else folded, with approximately 1 million left. Eugene moved all in over the top and Rich called all in. Rich flipped over pocket jacks, but was up against Katchalov’s aces. A flop of eight, nine, ten offered a good deal of hope to Rich, but the board bricked out and he went out in fifth place, taking away $289,070.

At this point the odds were clearly in Katchalov’s favor. With 13.5 million, he had over four times Ulliot, who was in second place with 3 million. Rosen and Kearly held 1.5 and 1 million, respectively. He was absolutely dominating this final table.

Just three hands later, Ken Rosen met the end his final table run. Katchalov made a standard button raise to 300k, and 605k more. Rosen was called down and was a small favorite with his A2 of diamonds against Katchalov’s T7 of diamonds. Rosen was safe until the river when Katchalov made a pair of tens to further his enormous lead. Rosen earned $433,675.

Finally, on hand 26 someone was able to get to Eugene Katchalov. With the blinds still at 60k/120k, Eugene raised from the button to 300k. Kearly, who was the eldest at the table at 75, moved in for another 920 k. After asking for a count Katchalov called down with A4 offsuit and was ahead against Kearly’s QJ offsuit. The flop came down KJ4 rainbow, and Kearly avoided an Ace or a 4 on the turn and river and survived. Still, Katchalov held a dominating chip lead.

Stack sizes:

Eugene Katchalov: 15 million

David “Devilfish” Ulliot: 3 million

Ted Kearly: 2.5 million

Less than an hour later, the final table lost its fourth player. After being whittled down to the short stack, Devilfish moved in from the button for 2 million, Kearly folded from the small blind, and after some thought, Katchalov called him with AJ offsuit. He was way ahead of Ulliot’s AT offsuit. No tens or straights came for Ulliot and he was out in third place for $674,500.

At the start of heads up Eugene held an over 5 to 1 chiplead over Ted Kearly. With only 3,175,000 to Katchalov’s 16,755,000, things were not looking bright for Ted.

After a blind jump to 80k/160k, and some small pots heading Katchalov’s way, it all ended on hand number fifty three. With only 2.9 million left, Kearly raised on the button to 380k. Katchalov called the extra 220. After a ten, six, three rainbow Katchalov checked, and Kearly made a bet of 300k. Katchalov check raised to 800 k, and Kearly shoved his remaining chips in the pot. Katchalov called with jack ten, and was delighted to see Kearly’s dominated king jack. The turn and river brought a jack and a deuce, and it was all over. Katchalov dominated the final table from start to finish and took down $2,482,605 for first place. Ted Kearly won $1,252,640 for second place.


1. Eugene Katchalov – $2,482,605
2. Ted Kearly – $1,252,640
3. David Ulliott – $674,500
4. Ken Rosen – $433,675
5. Jordan Rich – $289,070
6. Ryan Daut – $192,715