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An online poker room isn’t complete without a great rewards system behind it. As at live casinos, it is standard for an online poker site to reward their players with cool merchandise, tournament entries, and even cash. Doyle’s Room has recently overhauled their old rewards system and put a new system in place. It is a points-based system where players are awarded points for sitting at the tables and playing some poker. These points can then be exchanged at the Doyle’s Room Store for electronics, clothing, cash, and even a Foosball table! As players continue to earn points, they climb up the Doyle’s Rewards status ladder to earn even more.

Earning points is the key to Doyle’s Rewards. There are two types of points: Frequent Play Points (FPP) and Brunson Bucks (BB). FPPs measure of how often players play each month. Brunson Bucks is the currency used at the Doyle’s Room store which players keep for the life of their account. Earning points is as easy as sitting at the table to play poker. Each raked hand played or tournament entered earns both FPPs and BBs. Every dollar raked from a pot in a cash game earns all players dealt into that hand one FPP. Every dollar paid in tournament fees earns players 7 FPPs. Fractional FPPs are also awarded. For example, if a pot is raked for $1.50, each player has earned 1.5 FPPs. Brunson Bucks are based on the number of FPPs earned by a player and their level on Doyle’s Rewards status ladder. Each tier on the ladder is given a BB multiplier which rewards players some multiple of the number of FTPs used. For example, Bronze level players are rewarded BBs at a 1x multiplier while Doyle’s Legends players are rewarded with a 6x multiplier. For each FPP earned, a Bronze level player would earn one BB while a Doyle’s Legends player would earn six. There are six levels altogether with the multiplier increasing by one for each level. Brunson Bucks can be converted into cool stuff at the Doyle’s Room store.

Doyle’s Room store is one of online poker’s premier stores. Players can purchase cool merchandise, televisions, laptops, video games, scooters, jewelry, flasks, grills, footballs, and more using their Brunson Bucks. Players can play for hours at the tables and then be awarded an Apple iPod for as little as 8,350 Brunson Bucks. If a player is not interested in any of the items available at the store (which is difficult with such an extensive selection), they can convert their hard-earned Brunson Bucks to cold-hard cash. The top two tiers of the Doyle’s Rewards status ladder get 10% and 15% discounts on all items, respectively. When combined with a 5x and 6x Brunson Bucks multiplier, the items are relatively cheap and easy to earn.

There are tons of other perks given to those players that put in the time and effort to climb the Doyle’s Rewards ladder. Every level above Bronze is given a chance in a monthly freeroll with a special poker pro. Platinum members and above get a free copy of Doyle Brunson’s autobiography: The Godfather of Poker. The top tier of the ladder, Doyle’s Legends, is treated like absolute royalty. They are given concierge service, access to Doyle’s Room events and World Series of Poker & World Poker Tour qualifiers, limited edition copies of Super System 1 & 2, and 9% interest (APR) on their real money account. No other poker room treats their top players so well!

It is tough to cover each and every way to be rewarded for poker play in this article. Furthermore, there are tons of cool stuff that weren’t mentioned here. Luckily, there is some discussion about the new Doyle’s Room rewards at FlopTurnRiver. Click here to join the discussion!

Doyle’s Room is a member of the Cake Poker network. It is a very trusted and popular network among the poker community. They have remained loyal to American players. A casino is even featured at the room for players that want a little variety. For those that haven’t opened an account yet, they offer new players a 110% deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. This can be redeemed by entering the bonus FTR1000 when making an initial deposit.