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Quite possibly the biggest FTOPS Event of the series finished early Monday morning as more than 8,700 players entered the $120+$9 Knock-Out Event.  For those unfamiliar with “KO” Tournaments, each player is paid a certain $ amount every time he/she eliminates a fellow opponent. In this event, players were awarded $20 for busting anyone at anytime.

Event #8 was hosted by FullTilt sponsored professional Steve Brecher. Brecher is a well known live tournament professional who won the 2009 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event for over $1,000,000. His lifetime earnings are approaching $2,000,000.  Brecher had a rocky go of things early on and busted well before the money in 5118th place. Steve was joined by 37 other FullTilt professionals including Gavin Smith, David Pham, and Mike “Timex” McDonald.  Only one professional was fortunate enough to crack the top-100. Maxi Mueller, a female poker player from Germany, finished in 81st place for $919.70. Mueller appears to be a midstakes Limit Hold’em grinder who has had some success online but tends to play in live $100/$200 Limit games.

The larger field and smaller buy-in led to a good amount of unknown players reaching the final table. One of the more experienced players at the final table, “fabregarp”, was unable to take advantage of his past successes as he busted in 9th place for just under $9,000. This was not his first trip to a major final table, as he took 6th in the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars a few months ago for $31,000.

Two players with some solid cashes on FullTilt made it to heads-up play. “Kakafoni” and “Dr Fill Good” have both been to major final tables before but decided to take some variance out of this event and chop the remaining prize pool. Dr Fill Good final tabled the last FTOPS Main Event finishing in 9th place for $28,723. Kakafoni nearly won the Sunday Brawl last August before being eliminated in 3rd place for $44,198. In the end Dr Fill Good took home the biggest piece of the prize pool as he earned himself $136,250 after the chop.

Congratulations to those who made the final table and all 1,080 players who cashed in FTOPS XV Event #8!

FullTilt FTOPS Event #8 $800k Guaranteed
8,759 Entrants; $875,900 prize pool

1. Dr Fill Good $136,250
2. Kakafoni $100,243
3. Dufyduckk $68,320
4. lucky seven $49,926
5. mixmaster_p $36,788
6. alexuuus $26,277
7. blkromeo $18,394
8. Depresooxa $12,701
9. fabregarp $8,934