After an intense ten hours of poker, MiniFTOPS’s Event #5 winner, DrMcBoy, stood victorious on Friday night. It was an impressive victory, considering the size and sheer quality of the field in this No-Limit Hold’em event.

At the affordable price of $20+$2, a total of 6,029 players ponied up for one of the most coveted seats in the current MiniFTOPS running. Hosted by Full Tilt’s own Ferrari Zumbini, the tournament easily beat its $250,000 guarantee. When all was said and done, $280,280 was distributed among the competitors.

This $30,280 surplus came largely as a result of the tournament’s add-on and rebuy option, in which a great many players indulged. All told, there were an amazing 4,073 rebuys, as well as an additional 3,732 add-ons.

Because of the high entrance total, each of the 720 paid places received a decent return on their investment. The lowest payout weighed in at a respectable $78.48, which isn’t too bad considering the low buy-on.

Here’s a rundown of the final table finishers:

1 – DrMcBoy ($54,520.07)

2 – zilber77 ($33,353.32)

3– Coilmaster855 (23,543.52)

4 – REXTON44 ($16,816.80)

5 – Woebs88 ($12,052.04)

6 – dencker ($8,128.12)

7 – Manu1877 ($5,605.60)

8 – jdpc27 ($3,923.92)

9 – Cordarana ($2,802.80)

It should be noted that an after-deal payout did take place, with DrMcBoy receiving $47,036.85 and runner up zilber77 netting $40,836.54.

Surprisingly, there was only a pair of big name players who managed to land inside the money. Foremost was David Pham, whose 69th place finish was worth $392.39. Bruno Stefanelli also made bank, with a 213th place finish registering at $156.96. Host Ferrari Zumbini finished in the middle of the pack, with a 3,243rd place elimination. With so many premium players in the field, the amateurs really carried the day.