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With a field made up of an astonishing 5,055 players, Event 32 proved to be both one of the most lucrative and exciting matchups of this latest FTOP running. With $1,000,000 in guaranteed money on the line, players flocked to this $240 + $16 6-Max tournament.

After just over nine hours of play, it was DrunkSpirit who took home the top prize in this super stack tourney. The game reached Full Tilt’s 42nd level, with 80k/160k blinds and an ante of 20,000 chips.

Here’s how the final table finished out:

1: DrunkSpirit ($193,121.22)

2: BgsaPnaples ($118,287)

3: IamTron ($82,093.20)

4: mich_alumni ($60,660)

5: mminteresting ($44,484)

6: Instigator84 (30,330)

Besides the regular prize pool (which beat its guarantee by $11,000), players were also awarded $40 for each knockout. Hosted by Michael Craig, the game turned out to be a tough one for veterans. Besides the host (1,873), players like Huck Seed (2,155), Andy Bloch (2,158), Beth Shak (3,729) and David Pham (3,797) would finish far out of the money. One of the closest pros not to see any cash was Mike Matusow, who came in 758th. One of the first pro out was Melanie Weisner, who finished in 3,979th place,

The top 492 players saw a return on their investment, with the minimum prize awarded at $353.85. A few notable money finishers were as follows:

David Chiu (20th – $4,751.70)

Christian Fruiel (44th – $1,860.24)

Mihai Manole (86th -$1,031.22)

Ram Vaswani (408th – $363.96)