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The final two are set for Monday’s heads-up battle for $8.9 million. Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener will battle it out for the 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet and the title of WSOP Main Event Champion.

Duhamel will go in with a monstrous chip lead of 189 million to Racener’s 31 million thanks to winning the largest pot in the history of the WSOP. The hand happened against third place finisher, Joseph Cheong.

Cheong seemed to be the best player at the table. Playing a very aggressive style, Cheong chipped up quickly and became the chip leader. When the action got down to three handed, Cheong revved up his aggression. He became the first player to reach the 100 million chip mark. The hand in question, though, crippled Cheong. In a blind versus blind battle,the hand started with Cheong opening and ended with him 6-betting all in with A7 offsuit. Jonathan Duhamel made the call with QQ.  No A fell for Cheong and Duhamel won the massive 180-million chip pot. Cheong was left with just 10 million after the hand and was eliminated  shortly afterward, winning $4 million in the process.

When asked about the hand, Cheong stated, “It was 3-handed, blind-versus-blind and Duhamel was a really aggressive style of player so I think he was very capable of 5-betting and folding there. I thought I had a read and I went with it. I just tried to trust my instincts.”  He also said he would play the hand the same if he had the chance to do it over. It will surely make for great television.

Italian player Filippo Candio went out in fourth place. He got it in with KQ of diamonds, but couldn’t get there against Cheong’s A3 of clubs. Finishing in fourth won Candio $3.09 million

The biggest remaining name in the tournament, Michael Mizrachi, went out in fifth place. After doubling Racener up with A8 vs Racener’s AK, Mizrachi got it in with Q8 on a Q high flop. Unfortunately for Mizrachi, Duhamel had slowplayed AA. Mizrachi won $2.33 million in a WSOP where every Mizrachi brother (Michael, Robert, Donny and Eric) cashed.

John Dolan was eliminated in sixth, despite starting the day second in chips. Dolan could not get much going throughout the day and ended up shoving Q5 of diamonds and losing a race against Duhamel’s 44. A bit before Jason Senti was eliminated in thrilling fashion. Senti got it all in with AK vs Cheong’s TT. When the flop came KKQ, it seemed a lock for Senti. When a J fell on the turn, though, it gave Cheong some outs.  A 9 on the river gave Cheong the hand and lost the race for Senti in brutal fashion.

Canadian pro Matthew Jarvis was the eight place finisher. He got all in with 99 and made a full house, but Michael Mizrachi’s AQ made a better full house on the river.

Cuong Nguyen, the table’s only amateur, finished ninth. His AK got no help from the board against Jason Senti’s QQ.

Action will resume Monday night. Tune in to see all the action and find out who will be the 2010 WSOP champion.