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The Durrr Challenge started at the beginning of this year and create a massive buzz in the poker community. Everyone was expecting the pace to be much faster than it has been. It’s been around 3months since Patrik Antonuis took up the challenge and we’ve only just reached 15,000 hands of the 50,000.

With the World Series now in full swing it’s unlikely we’ll see much play until it’s all over, but late last week they logged in 874 hands to push it just over 15k. Patrik is now 447k in front with 35k hands left.

Here are some big pots from the session:

Durrrr bet to 10,800 on the button and Patrik elected to call. The flop came Td2c3s and Patrik check called a $15,600 bet from durrr. The turn showed a 7s and Antonius lead out for $52,800. Durrr shoved over and Patrik called the extra 2k.  Durrrr showed 7dQdKhJh for a pair of 7s, no draw – a slightly strange play from Dwan. Patrik showed QhTs7c9h for two pair, which improved to a fullhouse with a Th falling on the river.

The biggest pot of the session was to follow next.  Durrrr opened for 1200 and Patrik 3bet to 3600. Durrr decided to call and the flop came 8dTc8s. Durrr raised Patrik’s cbet of $5200 to $15,900 and Patrik called. The turn came As and Patrik check called durrr’s $27,600 bet. The river fell Qc and again Partick check called durrr’s last 53,057. durrrr showed 9dTdTsAh for a flopped fullhosue and Parkir mucked.

It’s unlikely we’ll see much more in the next few weeks with the World Series, but I’ll keep you all posted.