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In the latest durrrr challenge update Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan played a pretty hefty 9 hour session in one day. The session itself was split into two while durrrr caught up on some sleep! Most railbirds might have assumed that while the WSOP was in progress the challenge would have slowed down, but recently they’ve both found time to put in a few hours. The total hands played is now at 20k.

During the first part of the session Antonius jumped out to a $250K lead, but durrrr made a comeback and came within $30K of pulling even. He then dropped another $200K for a good hour or so before going on a massive upswing for $370,037.50! wheeeeeeeeee

In the second session they logged 3,343 hands and durrrr added $391,103.5 to his lead, so durrrr is now up a whopping $726,546.5!

Here are some of the biggest hands that gave durrrr the massive lead:

durrrr (BTN/SB): $95792.50
Patrik Antonius (BB): $173990.50
durrrr bet/4bets to $10800 and Patrik Antonius calls the extra $7200. The flop comes 3sTs9d and Patrik Antonius checks and durrrr bets $13,200. Patrik Antonius responds by c/r to $61,000 and durrrr shoves $84,992.50. Patrik Antonius calls it off and the turn and river bring a Kd and 9c respectively. Durrrr shows AcThTd7c for the flopped top set and rivered fullhouse and Patrik Antonius showed 8s7s5s6c for the draws. durrrr wins $191584.50.

durrrr (BB): $310761.50
Patrik Antonius (BTN/SB): $204197.50
Patrik Antonius raises to $1200, durrrr raises to $3600 and Patrik Antonius calls. The flop comes 9c8d2d and durrrr leads out for $4800. Patrik Antonius raises to $21,600 and durrrr calls. The turn comes 5s and durrrr check raises Patrik Antonius’ $50,400 bet to $201,600. Patrik Anoniuis calls off his last $128,597.50 and the river brings a Tc. Durrrr shows 7c8h6s7h for a Ten high straight and Patrik shows 9s9hAdTh for a flopped set. durrrr wins $408394.50.

durrrr (BTN/SB): $787061.00
Patrik Antonius (BB): $141391.00
durrrr raises to $1200, Patrik Antonius re-raises to $3600 and durrrr calls $2400. The flop comes 7cJcJh and Patrik fires out $6000 which is quickly called by durrrr. The turn brings an action inducing 8h and Patrik Antonius leads again for $16,400. Durrrr raises to $48,100 and Patrik shoves in the rest of his $131,791. Durrrr calls and the river brings a 9h, durrrr shows 4hKcJd8c for the turned house while Patrik showed AsKcQsJs for flopped trips.