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Patrik and Durrrr logged their third session in a week on Sunday 22nd March, playing for a little over an hour. The relatively brief session saw Durrrr return to the forefront again. Durrrr won $123,849 this session, eroding Patrik’s lead from the last session. Durrrr is now +$15,238.20 overall, less than half a buy-in.

Almost all of the action took place on Challenge Table #4. Unlike the last session, Patrik chose to buy in for the normal $40k, while Durrrr changed it up and bought in for 150bb or $60k. The decision saved Patrik some money early on, as Durrrr doubled up on the very first hand of play at Table #4.

Patrik raised $1200 and Tom called. The flop came 10c 6c 5h and Durrr check raised Patrik’s cbet of $2400 to $8900. Patrik called. The turn came 7h and Durrrr double check raised all-in. With the pot at $80,000, the river came Jh. Durrrr showed Kh9h8cQd for a King high flush and Patrik showed 8h6dTdAd for two pair

Aside from two $80K pots on the #4 Table, the rest of the session was pretty quiet. Antonius was able to make a small profit on the other table though, but nothing to surpass his losses on Table #4.

The second 80k pot happened in this hand. Patrik raised $1200 preflop and Durrrr called. The flop came Qc6d6c and Durrrr check/called $2000. The turn came 8d and Durrrr again check/called $5200. The river brought the Ad and Durrrr check raised from $12,800 to $55,200, putting Patrik all-in. Patrick called his last $19,392 and Durrrr showed Qh7dQs7c for a flopped full house.