Patrik and Durrrr put in a short session on the 13th that lasted around 60minutes. Over that short period they logged 310 hands and durrrr was able to book a much-needed win to compensate for some of the big losses he suffered in the May 4th session.

Patrik now holds the lead with $391,704 profit, however but it was Durrrr who walked away the winner in that session booking a $96,358 win.

In the first major hand of the session PA raised on the BU to $1200, Durrr 3bet to $3600 and PA 4bet to $6000. Durrr called to see a 2h8h5c flop. He check-raised PA’s $10000 cbet to $42,000 and PA shoved in the rest of his stack, Durrr quickly called off the remaining $23,199. The turn and river came 4s 9s and Durrr flipped Qc6cQh9h for an over pair, flush draw and inside straight draw, while PA had flopped 2 pair with 7c5s8sKc. The massive $142,397.50 pot was shipped to Patrik.

In the second major hand PA opened to $1200 on the BU and Durrr 3bet out of position to $3600. The flop came 6sJs7c and Durrr bet $4800. Patrik called and the flop came 9d, Durrr check called $14,400 this time and the river came Ks. Durrr bet $27,200 and PA made the call. Durrr turned over 3hTsAsAc for the nut flush and was awarded the $119,999.50 pot.

In another interesting hand Durrr opened on the BU for $1200 and Pa 3bet to $3600. Durrr called in position with 4d2d9sTs and the flop came 9c7h3s. PA bet $6000 into the $7200 pot and Durrr called with a pair and some backdoor draws. The turn came Qs giving Durrr a pair and a spade draw,  PA check called $15,600 and the river came 9d giving dawn trips. With the pot at 50k, Durrr put PA all in after he checked and PA called. PA mucked his likely overpair.

Challenge Status
Leader:    Patrik Antonius
Amount:    $391,704.00
Hands:    13,556 of 50,000
Days:    19