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We can all still vividly remember the 2008 WSOP Main Event. It was the first time that the final table of this prestigious event got postponed from the play of the rest of the tables, by a whopping 117 days.
At the end of this final table, which in the future will be referred to as the first November Nine, only two figures remained to play on for the prestigious event’s bracelet, and the approx. $2,000,000 difference in prize money for who won and who lost. The fortunate two were Danish sensation Peter Eastgate and his merry band of followers who let out cries of “EEEE EEEEEE OOOOOO!!!” and Mother Russia’s own Ivan Demidov, who also made the final table of the WSOP Europe main event a little earlier just for kicks.
That day, Peter Eastgate emerged victorious. But PokerStars, being the awesome site that it is, will be giving Ivan Demidov a chance at getting even.

At stake, this time, will not be millions of dollars and a bracelet. Instead, it will have something of even more value: Bragging Rights (Either Eastgate can forever claim that he was indeed the better of the two, or Demidov will be able to say that Eastgate’s previous win was pure luck and show us why) and also $10,000 that will go to the winner’s charity of choice. That’s right folks, a good cause!

But, there will be some twists added to this huge event. Play will begin with both players having the same stacks they had on that epic day in Vegas, and the blind structure will be emulated as well. The only difference is that they will have to touch their mice instead of clay chips. Will Eastgate repeat? Or can Demidov show the world that Eastgate just got lucky?

But wait, there is more. PokerStars will also be adding fan tournaments to this event. That is, fans will be able to participate in $11 buy-in tournaments backing their player of choice, and if the player of choice ends up being the eventual winner, his fan tournament will get $10,000 added to the prizepool. The top 100 players finishing in the money will each get an additional $100 added to their pokerstars accounts.

What are you waiting for? Download pokerstars and start playing today. Remember to choose the winning side though. 😉