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When all was said and done, only one remained, and it happened to be a seasoned vet among the PokerStars pros. ElkY showes us how it is done, by taking down the PokerStars 2009 World Championship of Online Poker Event #38: $530 1R1A NLHE. This event exceeded its guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 when 1,168 hopefuls showed up trying to write their names down in history by taking down the first prize bracelet and the money.  In doing so they ballooned the prize pool to $1,369,000 after the rebuy and add-on period was over.

Team PokerStars pro and avid StarCraft player Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier showed us how it was done though. Once he reached the final table, he started to prey upon the rest of the hopefuls that accompanied him that far, and emerged with the win, the 2009 WCOOP bracelet and a first prize worth $232,730!!!

Congrats to mr. ElkY who still has not lost his touch, and continues to dominate final tables everywhere!!! Teach me please?

PokerStars WCOOP Event #38: $530 1R1A NL Holdem $1M Guaranteed
1160 entries, 742 re-buys, 827 add-ons, $1,369,000 prize pool
Final Table payouts were as follows:
1: ElkY, $232,730
2: Ginsash, $171,125
3: Pinnekjøtt, $129,918
4: hafizzle, $93,092
5: cashryders22, $67,765.50
6: natefive, $54,075
7: ICuRaRook, $40,385.50
8: Kid Canepa, $26,695.50
9: jeff710, $14,785.20

Notable finishes: paulgees81 (19),, SixthSense19 (22), Pearljammer (35), (Orel hershiser (49),  AJKHoosier1(65), N00000ooooo (74), g0lfa(76), USCphildo (86), Mr_BigQueso(153), Humberto Brenes(156).
Other notable participants: hustla16, SirWatts, THAY3R, Chad Brown, TorontoToro, Barry Greenstein, XthedecanoX, Bill Chen, Steve Paul-Ambrose, William Thorson, Lex Veldhuis, Katja Thater, DDBeast, apestyles, Victor Ramdin, Andre Akkari, Bel0wAb0ve, stevie444, John Duthie, Hevad Kahn, Vaga_Lion, Soren Kongsgaard.