As of 7:45 PM EST, the players are down to the final 24 on 4 tables. The final casualty that will not be making money was Dave Colclough better known as “El Blondie.” Here was the hand that ended El Blondie’s day, and also made 24 people richer:

Reijo Manninen limped UTG and action folded to Colclough in the big blind who checked. The flop came down 8 5 3 and Colclough checked, Manninen bet and Colclough moved all-in. Manninen called the hands were revealed, Colclough had K8 for top pair, and Manninen had T7 for a flush draw, 1 over card, and back door straight. The turn card ended it outright being the J giving Manninen a flush and Colclough was drawing dead. This ended El Blondie’s tournament on the bubble, and he has been known to bubble a number of recent tournaments that he has played in.

There are still some big names remaining of the 24 including Andrew Black, and sitting to his left is Annette “Annette_15″ Obrestad. Annette has been quoted as being “extremely agressive” and is making Black’s tournament more than a little harder. She has been re-raising him liberally, giving him quite the trouble. We could see a repeat of WSOPE if Annette keeps playing strong!

The blinds are currently 1,500/3,000/300 ante and play seems to be close to over for the day. Check back for updates and chip counts of the remaining 24 players!