We come back to the final table in EPT Dublin with 4 left. It seemed as if no one could stop Annette, until Peters finally put a dent in her chip stack.

Peters raised to 35,000 UTG and Annette re-raised to 92,000 from the button. The blinds folded and Peters quickly shipped the rest of his stack in the middle. Annette called just as quickly showing AK and Peters turned over QJ. The flop was a monster draw for Peters, 982 giving him a straight flush draw with two live over cards. He was now the favorite to win with any T, diamond, J or Q; but still behind. The turn was a blank 3, but the river hit Peters being the Q. This doubled him up to around 450,000. If you thought this hand might start to be the dismay of Annette, you were mistaken. In fact, after this hand Annette started to completely dominate the table with great play and a massive luckbox.

First, in a hand with the second chip leader Reijo Manninen she hit a very nice river. Annette raised to 30,000 from the button and Manninen called out of the bb. The flop was 853 and Manninen checked. Annette bet 43,000 and Manninen quickly re-raised to 110,000. This didn’t stop Annette as she re-raised to 243,000. Manninen deliberated some, but eventually called. The turn paired the board with 3 and both players checked. When the river landed the 4, Reijo checked and Annette bet 300,000. Reijo thought for a short while and eventually made the call. Everyone was shocked to see Annette turn over A2 for the rivered wheel. Manninen threw his hand into muck his hand but was exposed by the dealer, which was Q8 and he flopped the best hand. The players then took a break.

After the break, the Annette show was not over. With the blinds raising to 8,000/16,000/2,000, here were the chip stacks:

Annette Obrestad – 1,995,000
Trond Eidsvig – 492,000
Reuben Peters – 429,000
Reijo Manninen – 429,000

It looks like it is a race for second because Annette seems to have sealed first place for herself! Can anyone stop Annette_15 from taking the EPT Dublin? It seems like it is now her tournament to lose.

Annette is a great player. She is very aggressive and active, and when he she get shit with the deck it is near impossible to beat her. Eidsvig found this out first hand. The hand began with Peters raising to 45,000 from the button. Annette then re-raised to 130,000 from the small blind. Part of Annette’s game is to raise and re-raise until you’re blue in the face, so when she finally does pick up a hand, you don’t give her credit for one. This is what happened when Eidsvig re-raised all-in from the big blind. Peters folded and Annette snap called, again showing AA. Eidsvig turned over JJ. Pretty big cooler down to 4 players, don’t think anyone could get away from this. The board brought no help and Trond Eidsvig finished in 4th place netting €127,630 for his performance.

After Eidsvig’s 4th place finish, Annette increased her already dominating chip lead.

Annette Obrestad – 2,525,000
Reuben Peters – 700,000
Reijo Manninen – 280,000

It wouldn’t be long before we saw heads up play, and of course Annette was the reason. Annette opened from the button and Manninen re-raised all-in for around 170,000 more. She did some math and tanked for a few minutes, and eventually called turning over A3 which was miles behind Reijo’s AJ. After a flop of KKQ Reijo was a huge favorite. Only a 3 could win for Annette and what did the turn bring? Naturally the 3. Now Reijo needed a Q, A, or J on the river to survive. But when the river fell the 9, Reijo Manninen was eliminated in 3rd place and taking home €178,680.

It is now heads up and if Annette keeps running as good as she is it will be impossible to beat her. Here are the approximate chip counts:

Annette Obrestad – 2,800,000
Reuben Peters – 600,000

Make sure to check back and see the final updates and results from EPT Dublin which is down to heads up play! Who will it be, the ultra-aggressive Annette Obrestad, or the semi-pro from the US, Reuben Peters?