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On Thursday, Eric Baldwin took down PokerStars’ North American Poker Tour Los Angeles Bounty Shootout event, collecting the $134,280 top prize.

The event was a shootout so it had a different structure than most tournaments. Play started with 81 participants and only the winner of each table would advanced to the final table. Winners from each table collected $20,000 and added $1,000 for each player they eliminated.

The final table featured  some tough opponents, such as Michael Mizrachi, who finished fifth in the WSOP Main Event, Tom Marchese, who has been absolutely crushing live tournaments lately, and David Williams, who finished 2nd in the WSOP Main Event in 2004.

Early on in the final table, players were eliminated quickly, but play slowed as Justin Young, Williams and Baldwin battled it out three handed. Williams was eliminated when his A-Q failed to improve against Justin Young’s T-T leaving Young to go heads up with Baldwin for the title.

Young started heads up with a 3-1 chip lead, but Baldwin battled back. The final hand came when both players got all the chips in preflop. Young held A-Q, but, much to his dismay, Baldwin held K-K. The kings held and Baldwin took down the title.

Here are the payouts from the NAPT LA Bounty Shootout:

  1. Eric Baldwin — $134,280 + $20,000 + $3,000 in bounties
  2. Justin Young — $20,000 + $6,000 in bounties
  3. David Williams — $20,000 + $4,000 in bounties
  4. Mohsin Charania — $20,000 + $5,000 in bounties
  5. Tom Marchese — $20,000 + $4,000 in bounties
  6. Clint Coffee — $20,000 + $3,000 in bounties
  7. Pat Pezzin — $20,000 + $2,000 in bounties
  8. Michael Mizrachi — $20,000+ $4,000 in bounties
  9. Kevin MacPhee — $20,000 + $3,000 in bounties