Erik Seidel wins Aussie Millions AU$250K Super High Roller Event

Erik Seidel wins Aussie Millions AU$250K Super High Roller Event

A player from one of the world’s leading poker sites has once again proven that poker is a game of skill, and the best in the world have that title for a reason. A tournament with the world’s largest-ever buy-in came to a close this week, and the field of players was by no means short of top pros and big poker names. The man left sitting alone at the final table with the tournament title was none other than Erik Seidel, a member of Team Full Tilt and a recent Poker Hall of Fame inductee.

As far as the poker world goes, it’s pretty much impossible to be better-known or have a better reputation than those select few members of the Poker Hall of Fame and – although his addition to the group is very recent – Erik Seidel is certainly no exception. He holds eight World Series of Poker Bracelets as well as numerous other titles. In 1988 he was also runner-up in the World Series of Poker Main Event, losing out to fellow Poker Hall of Fame member Jackie Chan. Seidel has been active in the poker community for years, and is a member of Team Full Tilt.

The Aussie Millions high roller event has always attracted extremely tough competition, and this year was no exception. The $250,000AUD buy-in event featured an intimidating line-up including Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, John Juanda, David Benyamine and many other top pros. The field numbered twenty in total, among them a young player named Sam Trickett, who had won the $100k event earlier in this year’s Aussie Millions and who spent the final table eliminating famous pros left, right and centre, with the likes of Ivey, Chris Ferguson and Benyamine all falling to his play.

As heads up play commenced, Seidel was seated opposite from Trickett, with the latter having a powerful 5:1 chip lead. “It didn’t look good and it didn’t feel good,” commented Seidel afterward. However, Seidel was able to get the chips in the middle and come out ahead enough times to bring stacks back to being roughly equal. The final hand of the tournament was not decided before the flop, but instead a check/raise all-in by Trickett on 3s5h9h was called by Seidel with Jh9c for top pair. Trickett flipped over AQo and neither the turn nor the river were of any help to him, giving Seidel the title, the $2.5 Million in first place prize money, and the honor of winning the world’s largest buy-in event.

Erik Seidel has been enjoying massive amounts of poker success since before most of today’s online players were even born. It’s awesome to see that continue as he keeps holding his own. This massive win pushes him to third place on the all-time list with winnings exceeding $13 Million. He’s only beat by Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey, but there’s still room for all of that to change in the course of the coming years.