Everest Poker has scored a big win for themselves by netting a huge promotional agreement with the WSOP. This conract is a multi-year agreement that yields them exclusive rights to logos placed on the felt at all WSOP events.

This is a really big deal for Everest Poker. As most of you are aware, the WSOP is one of the biggest poker events of the year with a great deal of viewers on television all year long. Everest Poker is going to get noticed by viewers in droves this upcoming year.

The advertisments, as I said before, will be placed on the felt of every WSOP table as well as the inner ring of the championship table. The main event is watched by so many people that Everest Poker can’t help but get noticed.

Take a look at Everest Poker if you’re interested in what kind of poker room has the opportunity for such advertising. It sounds like they’re a good room considering they received Poker Operation of the Year in 07 by e-Gaming Review. So keep your eyes open starting May 30th and look for Everest Poker’s logo on all the tables. You’ve got the heads up now so you can’t help but notice!