It’s again time for FTR to take a look at one of it’s newest leaderboards in Everest Poker. Every Monday I will be reporting on what happens for Everest Poker’s Monthly Multi-Table Leaderboard as well as their Weekly Sit & Go High and Low Tournaments.

Since this is the first month that we’ve been looking at Everest Poker, lets take a look at how they ended last month real quick.

The top ten for Aprils MTT’s were as follows:

1. Marcilan 5913
2. ROMCO22 5718
3. XT@XT 5050
4. hase66 4984
5. Tooren 4901
6. delfinonick 4740
7. Kratzbaum 4623
8. mmoomm 4375
9. EKKEVIN 4367
10. wahebiedan 4358

May on the other hand is off to a boom already. Lets take a quick look:

1. BaSt4r 3774
2. Tooren 3707
3. Kratzbaum 3626
4. Marcilan 3589
5. mmoomm 3440
6. macqueen 3297
7. claudioney18 3066
8. EKKEVIN 3053
9. foukadir 3003
10. espagne8 2987

Bast4r is holding down the top spot so far this month after not even being on the leaderboard last week. Tooren is currently in 2nd place and has been a mainstay in the Top 10 since March. Kratzbaum again is doing strong in 3rd. So far this month, Marcilan is holding down 4th place after comming out on top the last two previous months. He looks as if he is the the player to beat on Everest Poker. mmoomm is again in the top 10 at 5th place. macqueen and claudioney18 are the newcommers currently in 6th and 7th respecably. EKKEVIN is again in the top 10 at 8th. foukadir is currently in 9th place after nearly making the top 10 last month finishing out at 11th. Another newcommer, espagne8 rounds out the top 10.

Last Weeks Sit & Go High leaders:

1. ikzelfzelf 1433
2. MasterYSHO 1304
3. eurodollar54 1297
4. Ejob 1292
5. oliv35 1278
6. sjapio 1267
7. pierro 1262
8. bianconiglio 1253
9. OskarStar 1236
10. Ronin26 1218

OskarStar has been in the top 10 the last three weeks and other than him, everyone is new for last week. So far this week, even though it’s early, OskarStar is no where near the leaderboard.

1. Ze_Carica 1090
2. MistaBond007 956
3. Pok-KECH 842
4. Pepperpum 833
5. SanderBernd 828
6. fernando1963 820
7. Adampartpas 790
8. cali34000 719
9. trollas 701
10. kubalibre19 641

Ze_Carica has a solid lead so far this week holding down the top spot. MistaBond007 is also well ahead of the rest of the players in 2nd place. There is a log-jam at 3rd through 6th and spots 7-10 have an average lead over the rest of the field. Be sure to check back next Monday to see how the rest of this week plays out.

Last Weeks Sit & Go Low leaders:

1. jor69 995
2. kudi66 953
3. dr-gonzo 856
4. caesar78 852
4. Wumen 852
4. brazomap 852
7. 13_Vince_83 840
8. Hechtlein471 813
9. sabinet1896 811
10. Pragmos 802
10. otbld 802
10. TheVotary 802

As you can see, there jor69 and kudi66 ran away with the table. Interesting is that there were two ties, one for 4th place and one for 10th place.

So far for this week the players are as follows:

1. brazomap 771
2. caesar78 651
3. saacha 639
4. dr-gonzo 583
5. tonymanuel23 524
6. -.K.- 522
7. otbld 520
8. grande.rei 509
9. okomoko 508
10. sprengel 503

There’s a little more consistancy here with brazomap, who wasw 4th last week, currently in 1st this week. Caesar78 and saacha are both newcomers. dr-gonzo is currently 4th after his 3rd place finish last week. tonymanuel23 and -.K.- are having a solid week so far in 5th and 6th. In 7th place is otbld, againhe was one of the players that finished in a tie for 10th last week. Grande.rei, okomoko, and sprengel are rounding out the top 10 so far for this week.

Be sure to check back next Monday so we can see how these Everest Poker Leaderboards change in just one weeks time and hopefully make some of these online players household names for FTR.