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After a week of not looking at the Everest Poker Leaderboards, it’s time to take a quick glance again at how everyone is doing.
For the MTTs for the month of May, not a whole lot has changed.  Lets take a look at how things are shaping up as May is winding down.

May MTT for Everest Poker:

1.  Tooren 4745
2.  BaSt4r 4530
3.  Kratzbaum 4272
4.  espagne8 4037
5.  sitdownpleas 3962
6.  mmoomm 3959
7.  Slayer_pol 3890
8.  macqueen 3740
9.  Marcilan 3730
10.  brix77 3634

Tooren has taken over the top spot from BaSt4r, but both these players look as though they will be fighting for 1st and 2nd place for the rest of this month.  Kratzbaum is still currently in 3rd place after being in the same spot last week.  espagne8 made a huge jump from 10th place last week up to 4th this week.  sitdownpleas moved into the 5 spot this week after not being in the top 10 the last time we looked at this Everest Poker Leaderboard.  mmoomm lost one spot down to 6th place, but has been playing well as of late.  7th place is currently held down by newcomer Slayer_pol. macqueen slid down from 6th to 8th.  Marcilan, who has been playing extremely good the last couple of months slid all the way from 4th to 9th.  Rounding out the top 10 is brix77

Sit and Go High Leaders for week ending May 18th:

1.  OskarStar 1450
2.  SanderBernd 1444
3.  kubalibre19 1434
4.  Ze_Carica 1395
5.  oliv35 1339
6.  jiams 1299
7.  JakobFuller 1296
8.  .Xino. 1285
9.  gogepok 1284
10.  gaelinho_666 1260

After not being on the leaderboard last week, OskarStar amazingly came out of no where to come out on top again.  This is his 4th week in a row that he’s been on the Everest Poker Sit and Go High leaderboard.  SanderBernd moved up from 4th place to finish out the week 2nd.  Kubalibre19 gained 7 spots from 10th up to 3rd.  Ze_Carica was the leader last time we checked, and finished out in 4th place.  Spots 5 through 10 were all taken down by people who were not on the leaderboard last week, finishing oliv35, jiams, JakobFuller, .Xino., gogepok, and gaelinho_666, respectively.

The monthly leaders so far for the Sit and Go High leaders are as follows:

1.  OskarStar 3362
2.  SanderBernd 3230
3.  ikzelfzelf 3222
4.  eurodolla54 3180
5.  oliv35 3164
6.  kubalibre19 3110
7.  Ze_Carica 3084
8.  pierroo 3059
9.  gogepok 3043
10.  Onion 3014

Sit and Go Low for the week ending May 18th:

1.  kudi66 881
2.  otbld 866
3.  caesar78 852
3.  Wumen 852
3.  brazomap 852
6.  dr-gonzo 827
7.  fernando1056 814
8.  neness 806
9.  Jalo4Aces 805
10.  julyR88 804

Kudi66 came on strong as of late to take first place for last week.  otbld was in 7th and moved up to the 2nd spot.  caesar78, Wumen, and brazomap finished in a tie for 3rd.  dr-gonzo was down from 4th to 6th place.   fernando1056 moved into 7th place, with neness, Jalo4Aces and julyR88 rounding out the top 10.

The monthly leaders so far for the Sit and Go Low leaders are as follows:

1.  kudi66 2256
2.  jor69 2196
3.  dr-gonzo 2134
4.  Wumen 2130
4.  caesar78 2130
4.  brazomap 2130
7.  otbld 2119
8.  babe_rose 2108
9.  -szojo- 2017
10.  fernando1056 2008
Interestingly enough, last week a tie for 3rd place was between caesar78, Wumen, and brazomap.  They are currently tied for 4th place in the monthly standings.  Be sure to check back next Monday to see how this race as well as the rest of the leaderboards shape up for Everest Poker.