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Full Tilt Poker has implemented many exciting changes during their last update. Overall, these changes have made Full Tilt Poker even more efficient. All of the changes are simple but will definitely be noticed by all players.

Full Tilt Poker has chosen to halt the use of Adobe Flash in their software. The removal of Flash means less memory consumption and less crashes. This means the Last Hand History Replayer has been rewritten. Players are now able to write notes in the LHH Replayer, similar to PokerStars’ LHH Replayer. This is crucial for any serious poker player.

The next update pertains to heads-up players. Now, when sitting at multiple heads-up tables (cash or SNG) waiting on other players, only one empty table will show at a time in the Full Tilt lobby. This will alleviate the saturation of empty tables in Full Tilt’s lobby.

Some extra options have also been added to Full Tilt Poker. Players can now choose to “Auto Post by Default” and to “Wait for Blind by Default.” Both these preferences can be found in the “Options” menu. Additionally, auto-posting will be required at Ante tables. There will be no more manually clicking to post each ante during the final orbit at a table. This is sure to alleviate some aggravation that may come when multi-tabling. Another option that Full Tilt Poker has added is the “Stack” layout. This option in the Layout Menu at the table will line up all tables behind the table you choose to stack under.

Lastly, Full Tilt Poker has tweaked the Find Player at the lobby and the folded cards graphics at the table. Instead of constantly pressing Ctrl+F when you want to find a player, you can now create a Find Player Lobby Widget to make this easier. This can be found in the Customize Widget area. As for the folded cards, instead of looking at text when you fold your cards (“Ad As,” for example), transparent images of your cards will show as you hover over your spot at the table.

All these tweaks to the Full Tilt software are simple but add great convenience. Full Tilt Poker listens to its players and answers promptly with frequent updates. This update and the recent addition of Rush Poker proves that Full Tilt Poker is working hard to bring their customers the highest quality poker experience!