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Members of the FlopTurnRiver forum enjoy exclusive access to several different poker tournaments and freerolls at each month.   In fact, there is over $3,500 in added prize money each month!  Tournaments take place at such prestigeous sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Bodog and new events are constantly being added.

Here is this month’s upcoming events!

FTR500 (March 5th 22:00 ET) –  The FTR500 is a special $500 money added NLH tournament hosted by Full Tilt.  The buy-in is $5 and Full Tilt clothing is also awarded to the winners.

FTR $300 Freeroll (March 6th 20:00 ET) – The exclusive FTR $300 Freeroll at PokerStars normally takes place at the end of each month, but last month there was a screw up with issuing tickets so it was rescheduled to March 6th.  In order to properly apologize, an additional $200 has been added to the prize pool to make this a $500 freeroll, exclusive only to those PokerStars members that signed up using FTR’s links.

FTR $100 Freeroll (March 9th 20:00 ET) – This is an exclusive freeroll only open to qualified FTR forum members.  It is hosted by Full Tilt and offers a free $100 prize pool.

FTR11 (March 11th 22:00 ET) – This CarbonPoker event calls for a $1 buy-in and adds $50 to the prize pool!

FTR $100 Freeroll (March 11th 20:00 ET) – This freeroll, hosted by Absolute Poker and UltimateBet, is open to qualified FTR members and gives $100 of free money in the prize pool.

FTR333 (March 13th 22:05 ET) – Each month, Bodog opens up a $300 money added tournament for FTR members.  The buy-in is $3 and Bodog clothing is also awarded to those that finish in the money.

FTR14 (March 14th 15:00 ET) – Fortune Poker has recently teamed up with FTR to offer this $200 freeroll.  Only those members that signed up using FTR’s affiliate links will be able to play for the free $200.

FTR420 (March 14th 16:20 ET) – Reefer Poker has also recently teamed up with FTR to offer a restricted tournament.  Members who sign up through FTR’s affiliate links will be able to participate in a $300 money added NLH tournament for a $5 buy-in.

FTR $200 Freeroll (March 14th 20:00 ET) – This PokerStars NLH freeroll takes place on the fourteenth of each month and leaves $200 of free money up for grabs!

FTR150 (March 15th 15:00 ET) – $150 is added to the prize pool of this tournament at CDPoker.  For a $5 buy-in, players try for their share of the prize money.

FTR $200 Freeroll (March 18th 20:00 ET) – Unlike the $100 Freeroll Absolute Poker and UltimateBet offers, this $200 Freeroll is restricted only to those members that directly sign up through FTR’s affiliate links.

FTR $200 Freeroll (March 23rd 20:00 ET) – This restricted $200 Freeroll, offered by Full Tilt, is only available to members that signed up for Full Tilt using FTR’s affiliate links.  Those who did and do sign up using the links will get to compete for their share of a free $200 prize pool.

FTR250 (March 24th 16:00 ET) – Mansion poker holds this FTR event for a $3 buy-in and an additional $250 is added to the prize pool. 

FTR25 (March 25th 22:05 ET) – This $100 money added tournament is always a hit at Cake Poker.  For just a $1 buy-in, FTR members can take a stab at the prize money.

FTR5 (March 25th 20:00 ET) – Held on the 25th of each month is the Absolute Poker and UlimateBet hosted FTR5 with $300 added to the prize pool.  The buy-in is $5.

FTR26 (March 26th 20:00 ET) – PlayersOnly hosts this $3 buy-in, $300 money added NLH tournament each month for FTR members.

FTR $300 Freeroll (March 28th 20:00 ET) – PokerStars holds yet another freeroll for FTR, and this time there is a free $300 up for grabs.  In order to play for the bigger money, players must be direct sign ups of PokerStars via FTR’s affiliate links.  This is a restricted freeroll.

FTR400 (March 30th 18:05 ET) – At the end of each month, TitanPoker hosts the FTR400.  The $2 buy-in event has a whopping $400 added to the prize pool.  That’s the most added to any FTR event prize pool.

FTR300 (March 30th 21:00 ET) – PokerStars also holds a $300 money added tournament at the end of each month, open to any member of FTR, whether a direct sign up or not.  The buy-in for the event is $3.