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The internet contains a wealth of poker related information, but few websites can compete with all-encompassing excellence of Flop Turn River. The fledgling site was founded as a way of communicating basic strategy to the growing masses of new young online poker players. Over time, that basic strategy advice has grown into a depository of top notch poker knowledge which has overflowed into a forum filled with learned online poker players. To reward the intrepid masses who congregate on the FTR boards, the staff at Flop Turn River arrange a host of exclusive tournaments – all of which contain added cash. These value events are all limited to those players who have signed up to the FTR forum or who have made their account at the correct website via FTR affiliate links.

There are thousands of dollars up for grabs in the second half of September. From Everest  Poker to Tower Gaming, all the finest purveyors of online poker entertainment have some form of exclusive FTR tournament lined up. Even the biggest of them all, Full Tilt and PokerStars, have money added and freeroll tournaments for lucky FTR members. The inclusion of these two powerhouses means that there’s plenty of action for U.S. players to enjoy.

The upcoming tournaments for the second half of September are:

FTR400 (September 17th 18:05 ET) – The longstanding relationship between Titan Poker and Flop Turn River continues with this $400 Money-Added tournament. To get in on the $2 + $0.20 you’ll need to join the FTR forum.

$200 Money Added (September 18th 16:00 ET) – That Euro-poker hotspot, Everest Poker, will be hosting a $200 money added event just for FTR members. A $2 + $0.20 buy-in gives you a shot at all this free money.

FyrFytr Tournament of Champions VIII (September 30th) – The renowned FTR Gauntlet draws to a close with this prestigious $50 bounty tournament. The top 10 players from the league are invited to play in this $10 + $1 NLHE tournament. A $50 bounty will be placed on the overall champion XxStacksxX and the top 3 players will receive a limited edition FTR baseball cap.

FTR21 (September 21st 16:00 ET) – That wily English pro, The Devilfish, invites FTR players to this €150 added €2 rebuy tournament. The password is locked away in the vaults of the FTR forum, so join up to take a look.

$100 Freeroll (September 21st 16:00 ET) – This tournament hosted by the forthright fellows at LuckyAcePoker doesn’t even have a buy-in. 100 commitment free dollars are up for grabs only for LuckyAcePoker members who signed up through FTR links.

$200 Money Added (September 21st 20:00 ET) – As part of the excellent partnership deals between PokerStars and Flop Turn River, a $200 money added tournament is on the cards for all FTR sign-ups. This $2 buy-in event is just one of up to $800 in FTR – PokerStars events every month.

$200 Freeroll (September 22nd 15:00 ET) – There are $200 just waiting for an FTR member to scoop up in this ChiliPoker tournament. Register a forum account now to get your hands on the event password.

$200 Freeroll (September 22nd 16:00 ET) – Are you registered on the FTR forum? Why not?! You’re missing out on this great $200 freeroll at Bet365 so hurry up and make an account.

$200 Freeroll (September 23rd 20:00 ET) – You won’t run into Phil Ivey in this $200 freeroll at Full Tilt Poker because this is only for FTR members. If you’ve signed up for Full Tilt through FTR links then you’re entitled to an entry into this tournament.

FTR25 (September 25th 22:05 ET) – The regular FTR25 tournament is once again scheduled to take place at Cake Poker. Flop Turn River is adding a whole $100 to the prize pool and the only way to get a piece of it is to join up to the FTR forum.

$200 Freeroll (September 27th 15:00 ET) – If you’ve not already got a Tower Gaming account then follow the FTR links and sign up for one post-haste! That way you’re sure to gain access to this $200 freeroll scheduled for late September.

FTR27 (September 27th 20:00 ET) – There’s a great $5 + $1 tournament happening at True Poker this September. $100 is being added to the prize pool and the only way to play in it is to sign up to the site through FTR. Best of all, True Poker still accept U.S. customers.

FTR400 (September 30th 18:05 ET) – The return of the Titan Poker tournament exclusively for FTR sign-ups occurs as September draws to a close. The monthly FTR400 adds a massive $400 for a meager $2 + $0.20 buy-in

FTR300 (September 30th 21:00 ET) – The king of online poker, PokerStars has once again laid on the FTR300. This regular exclusive event pumps $300 into a $3 + $0.30 tournament just for FTR forum members. U.S. players welcome!