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From the WSOP to the WPT, there’s nothing quite as prestigious or exhilarating as a well run poker tournament. Completing a multi table tournament can be a feat of endurance, but the hardiest combatants always get compensated with fiscal reward. The same is true online, where tournament fields can balloon to huge sizes. The likes of the WCOOP and FTOPS are valued almost as highly as the most well known live events and scores of young internet pros turn out to compete for a title.

Flop Turn River knows all about the allure of online poker tournaments. Their forums are stuffed full of players with years of tournament experience. Alongside them, up and coming players, and a fair wad of cash game grinders, combine to create one of the most knowledgeable poker communities around. Combine this with a complex series of strategy articles and site reviews, and it’s obvious to see why so many good players make their online home at FTR.

To keep the minds of our tournament experts razor sharp, FTR has organized a whole range of exclusive events. Tournaments are run by a range of different sites, including plenty who still accept U.S. players. All of them have some form of money added, be it in the form of a freeroll or a standard buy-in tournament, with extra cash pumped into the prize pool. All in all, signing up for the FTR forums could turn out to be an extremely profitable endeavor. You stand a chance of drastically improving your game as well as taking home a slice of some exclusive tournament prizes.

Here’s a rundown of the FTR events coming up in the first half of December:

FTR4 (December 4th 15:00 ET) – Kickstart a month of exclusive FTR tournament fun with this regular event at Winner Poker. For a paltry $2 entry you can take your shot at $100 in Money Added.

FTR500 (December 5th 22:00 ET) – The first of many FTR and Full Tilt collaborations contains a whopping $500 of added money. Include those $5 + $0.50 buy-ins in the prize pool and some lucky FTR forum members could be walking away with a big score.

Affiliate €100 (December 6th 13:00 ET) – Poker Heaven is such a fan of the Flop Turn River forum members, they’re throwing them a €100 freeroll. Register an FTR account now and you can play too.

FTR Mini-League (December 6th 15:00 ET) – It’s the very last event of the Everest Poker FTR Mini-League. If you’re in with a chance of winning the Step 5 Token (worth $336) then this is your final shot at snatching victory.

BOTF (December 6th 15:00 ET) – The mighty members of the FTR forum must fight for their honour against the evil hordes of rival forums. Bwin plays host to this clash of the titans, a Battle of the Forums $5 + $1 qualifier.

FTR $100 Freeroll (December 6th 20:05 ET) – There’s a neat $100 up for grabs in this exclusive Bodog freeroll. Even those mischievous U.S. players are allowed into this one, as long as they’re members of the FlopTurnRiver forum.

FTR $100 Freeroll (December 9th 20:00 ET) – Full Tilt spread some of the wealth around this December, setting up a $100 freeroll for FlopTurnRiver members. The secret password is hidden deep within the bowels of the forum, so sign up today to be given your own mystical key to the FTR password dungeon.

FTR11 (December 11th 22:00 ET) – Celebrate my brother’s birthday by paying $1 + $0.10 and competing for $50 of Money Added in this exclusive Carbon Poker tournament. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

FTR333 (December 13th 22:05 ET) – There are three hundred and thirty three reasons why you should join the forum and play in the FTR333. I don’t have time to go into them all right now, but top of the list is the $300 Bodog have added to the prize pool.

FTR100 (December 15th 15:00 ET) – It’s the middle of the month, so take the weight off you’re feet with a relaxing $100 freeroll at Mansion Poker. The password is ready and waiting, so sign up for an FTR forum account and get your hands on it.

FTR $250 Money Added (December 15th 15:00 ET) – Tower Gaming knows how to treat their loyal FTR players. They’ve organized a $1 + $0.20 tournament with $250 Money Added, just for the lucky FlopTurnRiver forumites.