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We may be on the cusp of a new decade, but some things never change. One of those happily invariable entities is the busy calendar of exclusive tournaments at Flop Turn River.  The seasons may change, but the endless torrent of added money and freeroll events continues to flow. 2010 looks set to be as lucrative as ever for the many FTR forum members, who have unprecedented access to the list of tournament passwords for events held on a variety of different sites.

Almost every couple of days, there’s some new FTR tournament ready to be played at some location around the internet. Given the troubles with the UIGEA, the schedule is remarkably U.S. friendly. There are multiple regular tournaments every month on sites like Bodog, Full Tilt, and PokerStars. This regular commitment to American players is part of what makes Flop Turn River such a popular destination for skilled players and eager amateurs alike.

These events aren’t just a flash in the pan, many of them reoccur every month. Which is why the FTR tournament calendar can retain such a relentless pace of free cash. And these events promise proper free money, unlike the speculative guarantees most sites peddle. Almost all the tournaments are either Money Added or Freeroll events, where a sum of money is added to the prize pool regardless of the number of buy-ins. This means that no matter how many people enter an FTR event, there will always be increased value over a regular tournament.

After a hard evening’s work, crushing the opposition in an FTR event, you can always settle back into the warm arms of the Flop Turn River forum. Here you can berate and cajole your fallen comrades as well as discuss strategy, styles, and anything else that takes your fancy. The exclusive tournaments laid on for forum members are an important part of what keeps the message board and website such a tight-night poker-rich community.

Exclusive tournaments coming up in the first half of January include:

FTR365 (January 2nd 15:00 ET) – You have a day to recover from any New Year’s Eve debauchery before FTR starts throwing Money Added tournaments in your direction. Get your year off to a winning start with this $3 tournament at Bet365Poker, featuring $300 added by FlopTurnRiver.

€100 Freeroll (January 3rd 13:00 ET) – Every week without fail, Poker Heaven is hosting a neat €100 freeroll for all of their affiliates and FTR forum members are welcome to join. Just find your way to the password, plug it in, and get ready to compete for some totally free cash.

FTR500 (January 5th 10:00 ET) – The mighty Full Tilt combines with FTR to produce the monthly FTR500. A huge spectacle of a tournament with $500 added to the prizepool. What’s more, the winner and the bubble-boy will be able to select their choice of Full Tilt apparel. Everyone is welcome (even U.S. players), provided they are signed up to the FTR forums.

$100 Freeroll (January 6th 20:05 ET) – Another of the many regular FTR exclusive tournaments takes place in early January on Bodog. This time it’s a $100 freeroll, available to all and sundry – including U.S. residents.

FTRSUN300 (January 8th 15:00 ET) – If you haven’t already signed up for a Flop Turn River forum account, then you obviously weren’t paying attention. In addition to the above, you’ll also be missing out on this $3 + $0.30 tournament at SunPoker with $300 Money Added.

$100 Freeroll (January 9th 20:00 ET) – Apparently you can’t stop Full Tilt and FTR combining to give away yet more free money. In one of their regular collaborations, FT and FTR have created this $100 freeroll. The Super-Secret password will be posted on the FTR forum for all registered users to see.

FTR11 (January 11th 22:00 ET) – Take the weight off your feet in cold mid-January by buying in to this petite $1 + $0.10 tournament at Carbon poker. Just to sweeten the deal, $50 will be added to the prize pool at no extra cost.

$200 Freeroll (January 14th 20:00 ET) – Yet another U.S. friendly FTR exclusive tournament arrives, this time courtesy of the biggest site of them all – PokerStars. A whole $200 is in the prize pool and it will cost you nothing at all to join. Anyone who has registered their PokerStars account through FTR links will be automatically eligible to play.

FTR100 (January 15th 15:00 ET) – At the midpoint of the month, take a trip over to Mansion Poker, where FTR will be waiting to host a $100 Money Added $2 buy-in NLHE event. Before you leave, be sure to pick up the exclusive password, available only to FTR forum members.