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Scroll through the list of tournaments at any major poker site and you’ll be bombarded with options. Mysterious poker variations sporting buy-ins of all shapes and sizes are available at the click of a button. In this modern age finding a poker tournament to play is easy.

What’s more elusive is value. Many sites will run large guaranteed events with the potential for added money. However, these tourneys regularly fill up, meeting their guarantees with ease. So not only are they marathon affairs with thousands of players, but their potential for added value is completely erased.

Dedicated tournament players should not despair. A site known as Flop Turn River has beavered away to build up a cadre of exclusive tournaments just for its members. These elite competitions feature modest buy-ins so everyone can compete and, best of all, contain heaps of added money. There are tournaments running every couple of days at poker sites around the internet – including plenty at those that still accept U.S. custom. They all feature money added by the sites, which is placed into the prize pool no matter the field size. There are even some freeroll events where you can make a quick buck against your fellow players for absolutely no outlay.

There’s only one way to gain access to this stellar roster and that’s to join up. Head over to the Flop Turn River forums, fill in the registration form, and you’re ready to go. The site itself is far more than a tournament repository. There’s a lively and knowledgeable forum, poker room reviews, news, and strategy articles. Even without the exclusive money added tournaments, there’s plenty of ways FTR can help you become a more profitable player.

The tournaments arranged for the first half of September include:

FTR365 (September 2nd 16:00 ET) – Only registered Flop Turn River players will be able to sign up for this $300 money added event on Bet365Poker. Sign up to the forums now and get access to the tournament password.

FTRSUN (September 4th 16:00 ET) – The first Friday of every month is a happy time for FTR users, thanks to SunPoker. There’s a total of $250 added to the prize pool for this exclusive $5 + $0.50 Flop Turn River event.

FTR500 (September 5th 22:00 ET) – The home of the pros, Full Tilt, is also the home of a regular series of FTR-only events. Along with $500 of added prize money in this $5 + $0.50 event, 1st place and the bubble boy both get some stylish Full Tilt Clothing. This event is open to US players.

FTR $100 Freeroll (September 6th 20:05 ET) – Flop Turn River and Bodog have put their heads together to concoct this $100 freeroll just for FTR members. Flop Turn River combatants from every nation, including the US, are gearing up to compete for the free cash.

FTR 150 (September 7th 16:00 ET) – High class Flop Turn River players can enjoy a touch of elegance as they buy in for a $5 tournament at William Hill. Only 250 players are permitted in this exclusive $150 Money Added event.

FTR $100 Freeroll (September 9th 20:00 ET) – The partnership between Full Tilt Poker and Flop Turn River continues with an exclusive freeroll tournament. Sign up to the forums and join the fight for the $100 prize pool.

FTR333 (September 13th 22:05 ET) – This is a private members only tournament just for FTR forum users. This regular monthly event is held on Bodog, meaning that US players are still welcome. In addition to the $300 money added, this $3 buy-in tournament also awards Bodog merchandise to everyone who finishes in the money.

FTR $200 Freeroll (September 14th 20:00 ET) – The biggest site of all, PokerStars, has arranged a freeroll event just for Flop Turn River. This $200 prize pool tourney is just for forum members, so make sure you sign up in time.

FTR $350 (September 15th 15:00 ET) – For just $2 + $0.20 Flop Turn River members can jump into this exclusive money added tournament. Tower Gaming is graciously donating $350 to the FTR bankroll fund. To get access you need to sign up to Tower Gaming through FTR links.

FTR $100 Freeroll (September 16th 16:00 ET) – If you use FTR links to sign up for Bwin Poker then you’ll be gifted a buy-in to this exclusive freeroll event. $100 is up for grabs as part of the this exclusive mid-month freeroll.