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Anyone who has ever run deep in a tournament knows the deep seated thrill of making the money. The rush of relief as you pass the bubble, followed by the increasing excitement as you crawl slowly towards the final table and then first place. The experience is even better when enjoyed with friends and rivals. The combat is intensified with bragging rights and pride on the line. Which is why Flop Turn River have put together a stunning package of exclusive tournaments, all of which include added money and all of which are for FTR members only.

Signing up for the Flop Turn River forums is not just about unrivaled access to free money. There are hundreds of posters ready and willing to share their expertise, bad beat stories, and sage-like wisdom with you. Getting to know these players, and competing with them on a regular basis, will give your game extra drive and imbue you with an increased impetus to improve.

There are tournaments almost every day on the FTR Calendar, all of which contain added money. Buy-ins are kept small, or non-existent, so that players of every level can compete together, learn, and advance. These are not guaranteed events, where the promised extra cash will become meaningless once a certain number of players register. All of the exclusive events provided by Flop Turn River feature money added no matter how many players register. This could mean that you’re competing with a large group for a big prize pool with a little extra spice, or engaging in +EV tournaments for big money against only a few players.

Here are some of the exclusive tournaments coming up in the second half of January:

$200 Money Added (January 18th 15:00 ET) – There are few things in this world better than free money, especially when you get to play poker for it. Everest Poker and FlopTurnRiver are combining to plug $200 into the prize pool of this $2 + $0.20 tournament, no matter how many people register. To get your greedy mitts on the password, you’ll need to be a registered FTR forum member.

$200 Freeroll (January 18th 20:00 ET) – Two shots at $200 in the same night! That’s what happens if you join the FlopTurnRiver forums. This time, the CEREUS network is running the show, so you can log-in via Absolute Poker or UB. This No Limit Hold ’em tournament is completely free of charge and has $200 to payout. U.S players welcome!

$100 Freeroll (January 21st 15:00 ET) – Give the mid-January doldrums a short sharp shock with this marvelous $100 freeroll from LuckyAcePoker. In order to get yourself involved, you need to sign up for an account at LuckyAcePoker after clicking through from FTR links. If you’re not already registered this is the perfect excuse.

$200 Freeroll (January 22nd 14:00 ET) – Chilies are spicy, and what could be hotter than $200 absolutely free? Nothing, that’s what – which is why you should be sure that you’re at ChiliPoker on the 22nd with your secret FTR forum password in hand.

$200 Freeroll (January 22nd 15:00 ET) – I’m not repeating myself, there really is another $200 freeroll starting just an hour later. Bet365Poker is hosting this exclusive tournament for FTR players only. Forum members need only sit back and wait for the password to be posted. The rest of you should get busy registering.

$200 Freeroll (January 23rd 20:00 ET) – You’ve probably noticed that FTR has a thing for rewarding loyal members with free money. The mighty Full Tilt is also keen on this money for loyalty idea. They’re throwing a $200 freeroll for every player who has signed up for Full Tilt through the FTR links. So, even you American degenerates can get clicking and start winning.

$300 Money Added (January 25th 20:00 ET) – CEREUS is back, and this time they’ve brought $300 with them. A neat $5.50 will buy you into this tournament, which will feature a welcome cash boost courtesy of Absolute Poker and UB. Everyone is welcome on CEREUS, and in this tournament, so long as they’ve an account on the FlopTurnRiver forums.

FTR25 (January 25th 10:25 ET) – Just a single solitary dollar is all you need to buy into this Cake Poker hosted tournament. The regular FTR25 returns for the umpteenth time to thrill regular FTR posters and hopefully pad their wallets with a little extra bankroll cash. U.S. players permitted.

FTR1 (January 26th 15:00 ET) – There’s only one thing you need to worry about at the FTR1, and that’s the $300 ChiliPoker has added to the prize pool of this $3 + $0.30 tournament. A post hidden deep within the catacombs of the Flop Turn River forums contains the password that will grant you your shot at the free money. To get access, sign up for the forum and post away.

$200 Money Added (January 26th 15:00 ET) – You might not have heard of CelebPoker, but I have the perfect reason for you to sign up for an account. So long as you click through to the site using FTR links, there’s an extra $200 waiting for you to grab. All as part of a $5 + $0.50 Money Added tournament exclusively for FTR players.

$200 Freeroll (January 27th 15:00 ET) – If you’ve been straining your bankroll playing in all these exclusive Money Added tournaments, but haven’t cashed, then fear not. This Tower Gaming tournament is just for FTR forum members and doesn’t cost a cent to enter. Grab a slice of that $200 prize pool and get back in the game.

€200 Freeroll (January 29th 15:00 ET) – We at FTR know how those of you in Europe enjoy your Euros, so we thought you might like some free ones. Head over to Mermaid Poker, where we’ve hidden 200 of them inside an exclusive freeroll. To win them, all you have to do is best some of your FTR forum compadres.

FTR400 (January 30th 18:05 ET) – Flop Turn River and Titan Poker have joined forces to create one of the most attractive tournaments of the month. Anyone with an FTR forum account can go online right now and pick up the hidden password to this $2 + $0.20 tournament with $400 added to the prize pool.

$500 Freeroll (January 31st 15:00 ET) – Mansion Poker certainly knows how to spoil their loyal FTR signups. A whole $500 is stuffed into the prize pool of this freeroll, accessible to anyone who has signed up through links of the Flop Turn River webpages.