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Any budding online poker expert knows the value of a strong community. Having fellow players with whom you can discuss strategy and dissect your performance enables you to grow and advance as a player. The Flop Turn River forum provides all this and more. Among their members are some seasoned high-stakes experts, along with plenty of fledgling grinders looking to learn and progress. In addition to a collective encyclopedia of poker knowledge, the FTR forum members make up one of the friendliest poker communities around.

The website to which the forum is attached should not be overlooked. In addition to up to the minute news updates from the world of online poker, there are strategy articles and room reviews galore. The FTR article database covers everything from Sit & Go strategy to the history of the WCOOP. If there’s anything you’d like to learn about online poker, chances are that you’ll find something relevant hidden in the archives.

Back at the forum, there’s even more available to those who sign up. Discussing hands and strategy with other players will no doubt be a lucrative endeavor, but you could be making even more easy cash. There are literally hundreds of exclusive FTR tournaments on poker sites across the internet. Thousands of dollars of added money and freeroll prize pools, all on offer exclusively to FTR forumites. If a wealth of expertise and free cash isn’t enough to convince you to sign up for the Flop Turn River forum, then you should probably seek medical attention.

Exclusive tournaments coming up in the first half of November include:

€100 Freeroll (November 1st 13:00 ET) – The exclusive group of affiliates at Poker Heaven convene every week to compete in this €100 freeroll. FTR forum members are more than welcome to join the fun.

FTR365 (November 2nd 15:00 ET) – Your lighting fast intellect may well have divined that this FTR-only tournament is held at Bet365. To get in to this $300 Money Added event, you’ll need only $3.00 and an FTR forum account.

FTR500 (November 5th 22:00 ET) – The team at Full Tilt might have their hands full with FTOPS XIV this month, but they’ve still spared the time to put on the regular FTR500. A tiny $5 + $0.50 will grant you access to the huge $500 being added to the prize pool. The prizes don’t end there, 1st place and the bubble can pick their choice of Full Tilt merch.

FTRSUN300 (November 6th 15:00 ET) – FTR members are scrabbling to sign up for a SunPoker account in time for this $300 Money Added tournament. With a buy-in of only $3 + $0.30, you’ll have to try hard to find better value.

FTR $100 Freeroll (November 6th 20:05 ET) – The first of a pair of Bodog-hosted FTR events is this $100 freeroll. Bodog is one of the few places to still allow US players, so FTR members from around the world can get involved.

FTR $100 Freeroll (November 9th 20:00 ET) – If you want to get your hands on any of the $100 put up by Full Tilt in this exclusive freeroll, then you’ll need to register for a Flop Turn River forum account. It takes only a few moments and will give you access to much more than just a tournament password.

FTR11 (November 11th 22:00 ET) – Carbon Poker is putting up their regular hit of free FTR cash. For just $1 + $0.10. U.S. players are once again welcome to take a shot at the $50 Added Money – so long as they’re FTR members.

FTR333 (November 13th 22:05 ET) – As if a slice of $300 added money wasn’t enough, Bodog is adding even more rewards to this $3 + $0.30 tournament. Anyone who finishes in the money will pick up their very own BodogLife hat or T-Shirt.

$200 Freeroll (November 14th 20:00 ET) – There’s $200 just waiting to be won in this PokerStars freeroll. To be eligible for a seat you need to have generated your account through FTR affiliate links. If you aren’t already a member of the world’s largest online poker site, then click through and get in line for the money.

FTR & RedKings Poker Tour (November 15th 13:00 ET) – The RedKings Poker Tour 2009 is set to take place in Vienna on December 4th. German speaking FTR members have the chance to be there, if they can excel in this exclusive $2 rebuy satellite. The final has €100,000 up for grabs as well as a BMW 116i for the winner.