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SunPoker is hosting a great $10,000 Double Dip Cash Race.  During the month of November, players will be able to compete in two different cash races for their slice of $10,000.  Even better is that if you made your SunPoker account through, you gain access to an additional $3,550!

The first cash race begins November 1st and runs through November 15th.  The second race then begins on November 15th and runs through the end of the month.  This lets players “double dip” for points on November 15th, earning points for both the first and second cash race.  Each race has a prize pool of $5,000, with an extra $1,775 added for any FlopTurnRiver member.  The top ten players receive payouts.  So, if you won the first cash race, you would walk away with $2,500.  However, if used FTR’s links when making your SunPoker account, you will be walking away with $3,250!

Points are calculated based on the amount of rake paid per player.

Here are the payouts per cash race:

1st – $2500 ($3,250 for FTR members)
2nd – $700 ($1,000 for FTR members)
3rd – $500 ($750 for FTR members)
4th – $300 ($425 for FTR members)
5th – $250 ($350 for FTR members)
6th – $200 ($250 for FTR members)
7th – $175 ($200 for FTR members)
8th – $150 ($175 for FTR members)
9th – $125 ($150 for FTR members)
10th – $100  ($125 for FTR members)

If you don’t already have an account at SunPoker and would like to participate in their November Double Dip Cash Race, be sure to visit first so you can earn some extra cash!