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Fortune Poker is running various promotions during February. From free tournament entries to rake races, Fortune Poker is giving back to its poker community. They will be giving away 100 seats to their most popular tournament, paying off players that get aces cracked, and holding rake races throughout the month of February. Log in today and be part of the action!

Fortune Poker’s most popular tournament is their €100,000 Guaranteed tournament. Since players are so crazy about it, Fortune Poker will be giving away 100 seats to their €100K Guaranteed tournament on February 28th. Twenty-five seats will be given away during a February 25th tournament. To qualify for this tournament, players must simply rake at least €100 or accumulate 500 raked hands between February 1st and February 22nd. The fifty other seats will be given away via freeroll. Place in the top ten in one of five freerolls to gain a seat to the €100K Guaranteed tournament. These freerolls will take place on February 10th, 13th, 17th, 24th, and 27th.

Fortune Poker is looking to pay players who constantly get their aces cracked. Basically, if you get your aces cracked three times, you will win €100. It’s simple as that. There are NO limits to the number of winning claims you can make. For a hand to be eligible the aces must be shown down and both aces must play. This promotion will be run until February 28th or until Fortune Poker has given away €25,000.

Fortune Poker’s two billionth hand is soon to be played. To celebrate, Fortune Poker will be giving away a total of €250,000 in cash! Simply be dealt into one of the bonus hands and win money! The winner of the hand will win a certain amount with the other players in the hand sharing the same amount. For example, if an eligible hand were to be played at a .25/.50 table, the winner of the hand would win €1,000 with the other players splitting €1,000. Starting from hands 1,970,000,000 & 1,975,000,000 and paying every 100,000th hand afterward, players at all cash game tables will win money for being part of the hand. The promotion will stop once hand 2 billion is played. The winner of this hand will win a grand total of €25,000; no matter the stakes! All other players in the hand will split €25,000 among themselves.

Fortune Poker continues to bring their €130,000 MTT Leaderboards in February. They started this promotion in January and it will run through to the end of January. Each month, the top 50 players in each month’s leaderboard will receive cash with a total of €20,000 to be given away! First place wins €5,000, second place wins €2,500, and third place wins €1,500. Additionally, the top five players of each month will be entered in a 30-player tournament in the first week of July. The winner of this tournament will win a €10,000 WSOP package!

From February to April 2010, Fortune Poker will be running six sit & go races. There will be two SnG races per month running between the first and seventh of the month and the 22nd and 28th of the month. A total €90,000 will be given away during these six SnG races.

Finally, Fortune Poker will be running two rake races throughout February. Two prize pools of €10,000 will be given away; one race from the 1st to the 15th and another from the 16th to the 28th! First place of each rake race will win €1,300 and a total of 200 places will be paid! Start getting hands in today!

Fortune Poker is running spectacular promotions for February. They are giving money back to players that get their aces cracked and running various tournament and rake races. Additionally, the MTT leaderboard gives players a great chance to win big money and win a trip to the 2010 World Series of Poker. Log in today and start taking part in these promotions!