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In welcoming the brand new Rush Poker, Full Tilt is offering its players at least $50 (some players will be rewarded with more) in bonus money. This is $50 in free money just to play Full Tilt’s exciting new spin on poker! To ensure you take part in this promotion, be sure to accept your Fast $50 bonus offer by March 14th, 23:59 ET.

All players are eligible for the Fast $50 Bonus assuming they have made their initial deposit and have no active bonuses by February 21st 18:30 ET. If you haven’t made your initial deposit, you have until 23:59 ET on March 10th to make your first deposit and clear your 100% First Deposit Bonus. If you currently have an active bonus, you have until 23:59 ET on March 10th to complete your bonus. You will receive your Fast $50 bonus offer by March 12th if you managed to clear your bonuses in time.

To accept your Fast $50 Bonus offer, click on the Requests menu at the top of the lobby. Select Check my Bonus Offer… and a window with your bonus offer will pop up. Click Accept Offer and you’re on your way to earning free money! You will have 30 days to release your bonus money. You can earn this bonus by earning Full Tilt Points at any real-money game on Full Tilt Poker. It does NOT have to be at the Rush Poker tables. Remember, however, you will earn your bonus four times faster at Rush Poker tables while seeing as many as four times more hands per hour as compared to a standard ring game! The bonus money will clear at a rate of $0.06 per Full Tilt Point and will be paid out in 10% increments. For example, it will be paid out at every $5 increment for a $50 bonus offer.

Enjoy Full Tilt Poker’s newest twist on poker: Rush Poker. There is no better way to increase your hands per hour! And remember, it is only available on Full Tilt Poker!