Select Page, One Of The Fastest Growing Online Poker Communities & Strategy Sites, Has Just Reached A Benchmark Of Over 9,000 Registered Members’s focus on building and supporting a fun, friendly, and highly skilled poker community proves popular among poker players, as evidenced by the over 9,000 registered forum members.

(PRWEB) September 22, 2006 — The FTR Poker Forum has just registered its 9,000th member. FTR’s focus on developing and providing a bustling poker community is proving popular among poker players as continues to expand its membership at a rapid pace. The FTR Poker Forum is an active, fun, and educational community discussing all things related to poker (and unrelated to poker!).

The FTR Poker Forum is logically categorized by several poker and Texas Holdem categories, including the Beginner’s Circle (no question is too basic, we were all there at one time!), No Limit Hold’em Strategies, No Limit Hold’em Hand Histories, Multi-Table Tourney Tactics, Sit-n-Go Tourney Tactics, Short-Handed No Limit Hold’em, High Stakes No Limit Holdem, Small Stakes Limit Hold’em, High Stakes Limit Hold’em, FTR Poker Blogs (where you can discuss blog entries from FTR regular members), FTR Community (anything goes – politics, religion, relationships, entertainment, etc.), FTR Gauntlet: The Online Poker League, FTR Book Club, Every Which Poker But Hold’em (all other forms of poker), Tools of Poker (software programs, training videos, etc), Playing the Player (psychology), Tales of Poker, It’s All Bad! (bad beat stories), Poker Etcetera (any other poker related topic), Online Poker Rooms, Brick-and-Mortar Poker Rooms, Home Games & Gear, House of Cards (all other card games), and even Sports Betting (we discuss picks, fantasy leagues, etc).

The FTR Poker Forum features over 380,000 articles spread across its 24 categories! The friendly community expands beyond just its internet forum; in-person gatherings have been organized in Las Vegas, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. also offers numerous Texas Holdem strategy articles ranging from tournament strategies to player psychology, an online poker league, comprehensive reviews of over 60 online poker rooms, exclusive promotions and bonuses (, free online poker tools, and much more.

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