Select Page, One of the Internet’s Most Popular and Fastest Growing Online Poker Communities, Has Just Registered its 10,000th Member’s popularity continues to spread throughout the Internet at an explosive rate. FlopTurnRiver’s poker community has grown to more than 10,000 members strong.

(PRWEB) December 10, 2006 — The FTR Poker Forum ( has just registered its 10,000th member.’s popularity stems from not just being a poker strategy site, nor a poker directory, nor just a review site, but from its central focus of building and nurturing a poker community. This idea of community has attracted many visitors and has gotten them to stay and get involved. Now poker players from around the world get together at to discuss various poker topics and other interests.

From analysing and discussing a particularly challenging poker hand to music recommendations while playing poker, the FTR Forums span the spectrum of interests relating to poker. How do you calm yourself down after losing a big hand? What kind of computer monitor should one use to play four online poker tables simultaneously? But it does not end there, the FTR Forums include discussions regarding anything of interest to a poker player, which is everything — television, movies, travels, dating, politics, religion, etc. — any topic worthy of discussion has been touched, and most often with a sense of humor.

While most poker discussion forums on the Internet are littered with bloated egos and belittling behavior, the FTR Poker Forum is a refreshingly nice place to visit. The Beginner’s Circle Forum is a friendly place for the “noob” poker player to post basic questions without the fear of getting ridiculed. Yet, on the flip side, in the more advanced strategy forums, one looks to receive a high level of scrutiny and criticism.

The FTR Poker Forum is logically categorized by several poker and Texas Holdem categories, including limit, no-limit and tournament poker strategy forums, psychology, online poker, legislation, poker tools, etc. The FTR Poker Forum features over 430,000 articles spread across its 24 categories.

Building on the sense of community at FTR, also offers an integrated photo gallery where members have posted pictures of themselves wearing FTR gear in various locations around the world. In-person gatherings have been organized in different locales, and the FTR online poker league is popular among the community where members can match wits among their FTR friends.

As a hub for poker information and education, offers numerous Texas Holdem strategy articles (, comprehensive reviews of more than 50 online poker rooms (, exclusive promotions and bonuses, free online poker tools and much more.

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