Select Page’s forum members are in for a special treat as Everest Poker has awarded them an exclusive $100 freeroll!  The freeroll comes as a prize for FlopTurnRiver’s 3rd place finish in Everest’s Forum Challenge Summer League.

A special thanks goes out to FTR members ._Curumim_., respectrez, vil1ain, damtsang, Blacksun2, only_bridge, and jokerkris, who finished highest in the overall leaderboard in 13th place with 63 points.

Everest’s Forum Challenge Summer League was a 6 week series which put forum members from different poker community websites head-to-head.  Forum members competed in a variety of freerolls and money added events for cash prizes and points to prove which forum had the most talented and skilled players.  Other forums that participated in the challenge were PokerCurious, PokerDIY, and  FlopTurnRiver came in just 3 points shy of 2nd place!

This challenge was just one of the many great promotions on offer from Everest Poker and FlopTurnRiver, too.  If you don’t have an account at Everest, or don’t have a poker community to call home, visit today!  Join the forum and sign up at Everest to receive an exclusive $300 or $500 flat first deposit bonus!