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FlopTurnRiver is quickly approaching the one million posts mark. As you may have noticed when logging into the forums, the top banner reads “Over 997,000 Posts!” (at the time this article was written). This is no small task. FlopTurnRiver has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. With so many quality posters, it is no wonder why FlopTurnRiver is rated one of the best poker website’s on the Internet at the moment. The one million posts mark gives FlopTurnRiver a chance to celebrate their success. As expected, it will be done in style and with a little help from Team PokerStars.

As mentioned, FlopTurnRiver is home to some of the game’s best poker players. Probably the most famous of these, nutsinho, is a regular poster in the Short-Handed NL Hold’em section of the forum. He can be found at the nosebleed tables of PokerStars battling with other famous players, such as Tom “durrrr” Dwan. Just recently, two other players, Max Steinberg and Adrian Dresel-Velasquez, made deep runs at the World Series of Poker. Numbr2intheWorld and Chardian, respectively, are regulars at the FlopTurnRiver forums. Steinberg, like nutsinho, posts in the Short-Handed NL Hold’em forum while Chardian is fittingly the moderator of the Multi-Table Tourney Tactics forum.

Onto FlopTurnRiver’s celebrations! It will be done in style with one of the best teams assembled in online poker: Team PokerStars. Many of the players on Team PokerStars will be dropping by to offer this great website a quick tip, hello, or congratulations. Make sure you check the thread to see if your favorite player has stopped in to type a little something. There is no telling who will stop by from the pool of amazing poker players that includes Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hachem, and the beautiful Vanessa Rousso. “The Fossilman” Greg Raymer and Hevad Khan have both already stopped by to offer some advice and congratulate FlopTurnRiver on their huge milestone.

Again, make sure to follow the thread, post a question or two, and hope your favorite PokerStars pro checks in!