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There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars at poker training sites to begin your foray into online poker. At FTR, we provide players with nearly 1,000 free poker articles. Online Poker, Poker Strategy, and Poker Tools are just a few of the subjects we cover. Whether you’re just beginning your poker journey, or looking to increase your winrate, you can’t afford to not check out our Poker Training articles.

It is common knowledge that there is an ideal time to hunt and fish. Did you know there are good and bad times to play poker online? One of our articles highlights the best time to play at pokerstars. Surprisingly, the answer is 3:00 PM ET on Mondays. This hour boasts the most players logged in and therefore you will have a better chance at finding a soft table. Playing poker on Mondays at 3:00 PM is like fishing at a catfish farm or hunting raccoons at my apartment’s dumpster late at night (just trust me on this one). Our Online Poker Strategy section is full of articles that will boost your winrate.

Recently, one of our most respected members, spoonitnow, wrote a guide for the beginning player. Titled American Guide to Bonuses and Rakeback for Newbies, the article provides US players with a 6 step process on what sites to play at post-UIGEA. It’s not surprising that Spoonitnow urges players to start off at the world’s largest poker site, PokerStars, and eventually transition to Full Tilt Poker once your bankroll reaches $600. With a bankroll of at least $600, one can take full advantage of the Full Tilt Poker bonus. The last step is moving your bankroll back to PokerStars to achieve Supernova VIP Status.

Beginners have no business dropping hundreds of dollars on fancy poker software until they know the basics. Our poker odds section states fundamental poker odds that the novice needs to know. It won’t hurt veteran players to brush up on the odds either. Did you know you are dealt a pocket pair about 6% of the time? Chasing a gutshot? Keep in mind , you only have a 16.5% percent chance of hitting it, so you might have to make him fold instead of calling his bets and folding on the river.

Beginners, and those who have been check-raised a time or two, would be wise to check out our poker training articles. From Live Poker to Poker Psychology, has you covered with new articles added every month. It doesn’t cost a thing to read them, but it could cost you big at the tables if you don’t.